Why Aussies Should Cruise Their Own Backyard


Ancient ruins recounting tales of the past, vibrant cities buzzing with culture, and immaculate landscapes begging to be photographed. These may make Aussies wish they were discovering foreign lands; however, there are plenty of advantages to staying home instead. You don’t need to travel too far to enjoy a memorable cruise holiday.

Australia is a prime cruise destination, and Aussies know it. Instead of booking long international cruise holidays, Australians are opting for shorter domestic voyages. According to Cruise Lines International Association, out of the 1.35 million Australians that took an ocean cruise in 2018, more than one-third sailed locally on Australian cruises.

From fewer travel complications to the country itself as a tourist destination, there are numerous reasons why Australia cruises are a wonderful holiday idea. We have listed a few reasons why you should consider being a tourist in your own backyard.

Bondi Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach, Sydney

No airport hassles

A holiday spent at home means you don’t need to submit you or your travel companions to the stresses surrounding air travel. Forget about booking international flights: With ports all around Australia, you can just book a cruise departing from the next harbour city. On embarkation day, you will just need to hop in a car and make your way to the port.

There will be no need to worry about passports, visas, baggage restrictions, or long lines at security. Australian passport holders cruising Australian waters are only required to bring government-issued photo identification on board. How convenient is that?

Cruise1st offers the following Australia cruises:

Melbourne skyline

Melbourne’s skyline

No jetlag

If you book a cruise departing from a port aboard, you must keep in mind that lengthy international flights will precede and/or follow your cruise. Whether you’re flying to the United States or Europe, expect a huge time difference. You will need a few days to get over jetlag or else the first half of your cruise will be devoted to naps.

Departing from a local port won’t cost you any sleep. Without having to worry about catching flights or crossing time zones, you will be good to go right when you step foot on board your Australia cruise. Forget about jetlag and get ready for all the fun a cruise holiday can offer.

aerial view of Brisbane

Brisbane from above

No currency exchanges

When you’re abroad, don’t expect to get anywhere with a wallet of Australian dollars. You’ll have to pay with card wherever you go, and should a vendor not accept plastic, you’re going to have to pay in the local currency. Foreign ATMs are guaranteed to charge you exorbitant fees to withdraw a few bills. And don’t forget about the horrendous exchange rate you’re bound to get at the onboard ATM.

Whether your wallet is full of lobsters or pineapples, you’ll be able to pay with any of it on an Australia cruise. The convenience of paying in a familiar currency is that you won’t need to calculate the exchange rate during every transaction.

sailboats in Perth

sailboats in Perth

No tipping

For Aussies, tipping just isn’t the norm, so the various tipping policies across cruise lines are bound to cause confusion. While many cruise lines automatically charge a recommended daily gratuities rate to your onboard account, some cruise lines leaving tipping up to the passengers’ discretion – with calculations for “suggested gratuity” of course.

If you want to avoid a tipping faux pas, book a cruise on a ship based in Australia. Ships that sail the Land Down Under full-time know the market and don’t charge gratuities on board. To forgo tipping, consider going on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line Australia or P&O Australia. Some cruise lines even offer local ships, such as Cunard with Queen Elizabeth, which will be sailing Australian waters until May 2020, and Princess Cruises with Sapphire Princess, which will be sailing from Australia starting May 2020. Keep in mind that ships from Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland America Line only sail Australian waters part-time, so expect to pay gratuities if you book local sailings with those cruise lines.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

So much to explore

Australia is huge! At nearly 7.7 million square kilometres, the Land Down Under reigns as the sixth largest country in the world. Between the cities dotting the coast, you will find extremely diverse geography. From the snow-capped mountains in south-eastern Australia to the lush tropical rainforests in the north and the sprawling desert in between, our country is known worldwide for its untouched landscapes.

The coastal cities of Australia are way more than just cruise ports. Tucked away from the rest of the world, Aussies have developed their own appreciation and enthusiasm for culture, art, and food. Ascend the iconic Sydney Opera House for unbeatable cityscapes, attend the Melbourne Cup, or stroll by heritage architecture in Adelaide. Discover Brisbane’s flourishing restaurant and bar scene, see the vibrant street art in Perth, or lose yourself in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Friendly faces

We Australians are known for our warm hospitality and a strong sense of comradery. Unfortunately, that can’t be said of other cultures that are more reserved. If you book an Australia cruise, anticipate sailing local waters with Aussies from around the country. Although you may not share a hometown, what is guaranteed, though, is a bit of good banter.

Now, what are you waiting for? The harbour is just around the corner! Check out Cruise1st’s cruise deals departing from ports all around Australia. If you need a helping hand with your booking or would like some more information, don’t hesitate to ring our team of friendly Australian cruise experts on 1300 857 345.

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