Why You Should Go on a Wine Cruise


Are you an oenophile? If you love good wine, are interested in wine pairing and wine tastings, and love to chat with other wine experts, then the answer is yes! On a wine cruise, wine aficionados have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and try new things. You can combine the excitement of a trip with wine tastings and special excursions! Learn more about varietal types of wine, different winemaking methods, and visit some of the oldest wine cellars of the world!

What’s a wine cruise?

A lot of cruise lines offer wine cruises as part of their special themed cruise programme. Wine cruises are usually offered by river cruise lines, as many of the top wine-producing regions are more accessible by river cruise ships. If you prefer a traditional ocean cruise, some luxury cruise lines offer wine-themed cruises as well.

A wine cruise is a unique experience. You will be travelling with other wine lovers to famous wine regions and have the chance to taste some of the most fantastic wines from around the world. Wine-themed itineraries bring you to the beautiful ports and cities that are famous for their wines and spirits. Themed activities on board and excursions ashore will deepen your knowledge delightfully.

Who might enjoy a wine cruise?

Hobby sommeliers and connoisseurs are the ideal passengers for wine cruises. You can try a good vintage in every port of call, learn more about the traditions and history of wine cultivating, and can interact with world-class vintners on site.

As wine cruises are often combined with other culinary adventures, such as truffle hunting and cheese tasting, a wine cruise is also a great choice for gourmets.

Furthermore, you don’t have to forsake any of the other benefits of a river cruise – namely, visiting historic cities with remarkable sights and beautiful surroundings. There is something for everyone, which makes a wine cruise a great pick for couples or friends with different interests! Combine the best of a cultural and culinary trip and prepare your palate for some new sensations.

Cruise1st tip: You don’t have to be a great wine expert to enjoy a wine cruise. A few cruise lines offer so-called wine-experience themed cruises, on which wine rookies learn everything from winemaking to pairings and can develop their own taste for good wine.

Wine cruise on luxury ocean cruises

Many high-end ocean cruise lines offer special wine-themed cruises. On these cruises, you can expect special shore excursions, meetings with wine-industry experts, and superb wine tastings on board.

Crystal Cruises, for example, offers a special Crystal Wine & Food Festival at sea. And Silversea Cruises offers special wine voyages where passengers can attend wine-tasting lessons, tour vineyards and wineries, and taste the local vintage at each port.

cruise passengers on a wine excursion

River cruise lines for your wine-themed holiday

Several popular river cruise lines offer wine-themed cruises, including Avalon Waterways, Uniworld River Cruises, and Viking Cruises.

The Grand France Wine Cruise of Avalon Waterways is the ultimate choice for lovers of French wine. Most voyages are two weeks long, but they also have shorter trips at choice.

If you are a wine novice, check out the Wine Appreciation themed cruises instead of the wine-themed cruises. With these cruises, you learn everything you need to know to become a connoisseur of wine. You will learn facts about the winemaking industry, the wine-making process, and methods on how to distinguish between bouquets.

If you have questions regarding the wine cruises, don’t hesitate to give our friendly Australia-based cruise experts a call on 1300 857 345! They are more than happy to help you find the most suitable cruise for you. Let the wine tasting begin!

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