Beat the Heat: Cold Destinations for Your Next Summer Holiday


If the summer heat is driving you mad, start planning a holiday in cold destinations and look forward to cooler climates. Beat the heat by travelling to the mythical country of Norway, the charming capitals on the Baltic Sea, or the snowy US state of Alaska to keep you cool.

Experience the cruise of a lifetime during your summer holiday. Observe orcas and humpbacks in the cold climates of North America, marvel at the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, and discover the wonderful cities along the Baltic Sea. Stay cool and enjoy cool coastal temperatures this summer – all whilst enjoying the luxuries of your cruise ship.

Scandinavian wonders in Norway

With its magnificent mountains, fantastic fjords, and colourful cultural capital of Oslo, Norway is a bucket-list destination for many cruise passengers. Cruise to Norway when its summer back home to enjoy the chilly average temperature of 2°C in this spectacular country.

On your shore excursion to Oslo, make sure to visit the Royal Palace, one of the most beautiful structures in the capital city. If you’d rather dive deeper into history, take a trip to the picturesque Akershus Fortress, a former castle which now serves as a museum. Located near the water, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool breeze while exploring the castle and admiring its gardens. When you leave Oslo, you can travel further up the coast to marvel at the incredible nature surrounding Norwegian fjords.

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Glorious capitals on the Baltic Sea

Tucked away in northern Europe, the Baltic Sea has plenty of charming cold destinations to explore. During the wintertime in Europe, the average temperature in the Baltic Sea region sits at a chilling -6.4°C – perfect to escape the heat at home.

snowy cityscape of Tallinn Estonia

On a Baltic Sea cruise, you’re likely to spend at least a day in the hidden gem of Tallinn. Estonia’s capital, one of the main ports in the Baltic Sea, will charm you with its picturesque architecture and fascinating history. Take a stroll through the winding cobblestone streets and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa or coffee in one of the many cafés in the historic city centre. With an average temperature of -3.3°C in January and -4.3°C in February, you won’t need to fear the summer heat in this gorgeous city.

If you care to travel to one of the most colourful cities on the Baltic Sea, be sure to cruise to Saint Petersburg. With an average of -5.5°C in January, Saint Petersburg is not just a cultural treasure, but a cool weather destination as well. Divided by the Neva River, Saint Petersburg boasts beautiful buildings with colourful details and some of Russia’s most stunning architecture. Visit the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral or explore the iconic Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood with its eminent onion domes and striking mosaics. Depending on which Baltic Sea itinerary you choose, you may even stay in Saint Petersburg overnight, so you’ll have even more time to explore the beautiful city along the riverside and admire the majestic architecture of Russia’s former capital.

St Isaac Cathedral in Saint Petersburg Russia

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North American wilds in Alaska

Cruisers looking for wilderness and wildlife are well-advised to travel to the northern parts of North America during the Australian summer: Alaska and western Canada. Alaska is becoming one of the most popular cold destinations for cruise passengers from all around the world.

From December to March, Canada’s west coast tempts you with an escape from scalding temperatures back home. Enjoy the icy breeze as you stroll around cities such as Victoria and Vancouver. All along the coast of British Columbia, cruisers can watch massive humpback whales or see a majestic pod of orcas idly swim by the cruise ship. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences embedded in the imposing landscape of northernmost North America are simply breathtaking.

kodiak bears in Alaska

The true wonders of an Alaska cruise, however, are the glaciers and wildlife. The area along the Gulf of Alaska is a haven for marine wildlife, making it easy to spot moose, bears, bald eagles, and more. Popular cruise stops, such as Glacier Bay, Icy Strait Point, and Tracy Arm Fjord, are famous for their stunning glacial landscapes. With an average local winter temperature of -12°C, it’s the perfect place for a cool escape. Have your parka ready because you will be seeing snow!

Your ship will dock in small Alaskan towns, such as Ketchikan, Skagway, and Seward. From there, you can kayak along the coast, go hiking through the wilderness, taste the regional specialty of smoked salmon, or learn about the local Native American tribes. Feeling less adventurous? Not a problem – you can camp out on the deck or in the Observation Lounge and watch the glaciers glide by.

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As summer creeps nearer, temperatures are slowly on the rise. Get in early and sail away to some of the world’s colder regions: Norway, the Baltic Sea, and Alaska. Ring our Australia-based cruise experts for more information about these amazing cold destinations on 1300 857 345.



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