Carnival Cruises Expands their ‘all you can drink’ package across more ships


“My Awesome Bar” programme expanded out to a total of four Carnival Cruises ships.

With 20 million people taking a cruise last year, a fantastic increase of two million compared to the year before, you could say this type of holiday has really taken off.  The popularity of cruising hasn’t passed Carnival by either: their fleet currently comprises of have 24 of the largest and best-equipped cruise liners in the world.  However, the company are keen to expand their offerings to customers and attract new cruisers, hence they have chosen to roll out their exciting new ‘My Awesome Bar’ programme to three more of their ships this month.

Market research in the cruise industry has shown that what people tend to get frustrated when on cruises with all the little extras that they were being asked to pay.  These which can soon add up to a less than relaxing break when you are watching your money all the time instead of enjoying yourself.

Carnival has now found a solution and is planning to expand their ‘My Awesome Bar’ programme, which was first seen in August last year on Carnival Victory.  This can now be experienced on 2 other ships in the Carnival fleet, Splendor and Breeze.

By doing this Carnival is keeping up with all their important customer feedback and also market conditions.  All the indications are that the future really does lie with all-inclusive breaks both cruise and on-shore.
When you take advantage of the My Awesome Bar Programme you really will be spoilt for choice. For those over 21, just $42.95 dollars per person plus a 15% gratuity allows you a wide variety of wines beers and spirits.  Also included in the deal are sodas, bottled waters and non-alcoholic cocktails.  All tastes really are catered for on this deal and if you want to ‘push the boat out’ and purchase more expensive wines and Champagne then you will receive a 25 per cent discount.

Carnival Cruises pride themselves on their four fantastic floating hotels and are confident that you will have a memorable experience at their restaurants and bars.  You really will be spoilt for choice for dinner with every type of restaurant and food outlet available, from Italian style restaurants to American themed Steak Houses.  There are even serve yourself wine dispensing machines dotted around the ships’ bars.

It is no wonder that with 24 ships and 21 per cent share of the worldwide cruise market, Carnival and its’ My Awesome Bar Programme is yet another winner that is set to just get bigger and better.




  1. Hi,

    You need to amend your article, there is NO ‘My Awesome Bar’ in the Carnival Spirit in Australia, I have just spoken to them and was told NO!!!!!!!!!

    GET IT RIGHT cruise1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I did not book with you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi so is there now an adult drinks package on the spirit as with some of the other carnival ships, at least you would have an idea about spending

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