The Best Shopping Singapore Has to Offer – For Any Budget


Singapore is widely regarded as one of the best shopping destinations in Asia, with hundreds of vibrant shopping centres offering everything from big label names to brilliant budget finds. It’s no wonder the island-state has a reputation as a fashion lover’s paradise, if only you know where to look. Much of Singapore’s fashion offering is made up of international brands, but both stylish budget shopping and designer labels created by local talent can easily be found here.

Whether you’re searching for quality investment pieces or you’re looking for budget bargains to spice up your wardrobe, Singapore has the perfect shopping destination for you. To help you pick between the hundreds of shopping centres on offer and find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up the best places to shop in Singapore no matter what your budget.

lady looking at a shirt in a singapore shopping mall

Mustafa Centre

Not only is the Mustafa Centre absolutely enormous, but it is also the only shopping centre in Singapore that is open 24/7. You can shop here well into the night, and you might need to! With everything from jewellery, clothes, and cosmetics to furniture, hardware, and electronics, you’ll never have time to work your way around all the products this shopping centre has on offer. What’s more, the Mustafa Centre buys all their stock in bulk and then passes those savings onto customers, so even an all-night shopping spree here won’t break the bank.


Scape is the student shopping mecca of Singapore, so if you’re looking to emulate your favourite fashion bloggers on a budget this is the place for you. Designed to empower young people, Scape offers subsidised rent which allows younger retailers to set up shop and sell cool fashion and accessories at amazingly low prices. You can expect to pay around $10 for items of clothing and just a couple of dollars apiece for pretty jewellery and accessories. Loads of the stuff sold here can’t be found anywhere else, so it’s the perfect place to find something unique and individual even if you don’t have much to spend.

Lucky Plaza

Despite its location smack bang in the middle of Orchard Road, which is known for its luxury shopping, Lucky Plaza is pretty unbeatable when it comes to shopping on a budget. Perfect for finding clothing and jewellery at amazing prices, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding cool fashion on the cheap. One of the best things to buy here is perfume, as the stores not only sell big brands at crazy-cheap prices, but you can also purchase sample sizes to try out a few different scents. If clothing is more your thing, head up to the fourth floor where Speed Fashion not only sells clothing for as little as $2 but also has the nicest shop assistants you’ll ever meet.

lady browsing fragrances at a shopping mall in singapore

City Plaza

City Plaza is one of the oldest shopping malls in the country and it offers a unique budget shopping experience because all the stores are wholesale retailers. These affordable shops are where a lot of Singaporean fashion bloggers and trendy online retailers buy their stock, due to the wealth of unique clothes and accessories at low prices. There are also some fantastic pre-loved fashion shops, such as Refash and PEONY, where you can get amazing labels for a fraction of their original price. Head to City Plaza if you want to keep up with the trends on a budget, although be aware that you might need some patience to sort through all the stock.

The Editor’s Market

When it comes to being fashion-forward on a budget, you won’t find anywhere better than the Editor’s Market. Although it has the sort of bulk-buy structure where items are cheaper the more you buy, nothing feels jumble-sale-y about this stylish shop. Set in the kind of warehouse industrial setting that’s becoming ever more popular with the fashion-forward, the Editor’s Market is a pleasure to shop in. It helps that all the clothes are super chic and ridiculously well priced. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time because you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything you don’t want to try on.

ION Orchard Mall

If you ask anyone who knows Singapore for luxury shopping recommendations, it’s likely that ION Orchard shopping mall will be one of the places they mention. With its futuristic architecture and acres of marble décor, this is a mall that feels every inch as luxurious as the fashion it sells. You only have to visit the extraordinary toilets to see that this is somewhere that is designed with all the VIP and celeb customers that frequent it in mind. Expect all the biggest luxury fashion names, as well as high-class dining and even a butler concierge. This is what luxury shopping is meant to be like.

Mandarin Gallery

For fashionistas who are looking for something a little off the beaten track, the Mandarin Gallery offers a highly curated selection of designers you won’t find anywhere else. Whilst the first floor is dedicated to international designers, it is the other levels that make this shopping centre really worth the visit. Showcasing the very best of local talent, as well as cutting-edge designers you’ve never heard of from all over the world, Mandarin Gallery is the place to get something that no one else has. From the layout to the faultless selection of clothing, it’s clear that this is a shopping destination designed with style leaders in mind.

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