Luxury Rail Journeys: Going Beyond the Port


As speed and efficiency have taken centre stage in commercial travel, the romance and nostalgia of rail travel has fallen by the wayside. Even though the early years of train travel were glamorous, that doesn’t mean that you require a time machine to experience such extravagance.

Luxury rail journeys are the perfect holiday that balances excitement and relaxation. This sort of holiday isn’t just about travelling from point A to B; the idea is to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy your holiday at a different pace. On a luxury train, you will be travelling in style and comfort while breathtaking scenery passes you by. When you complement your cruise holidays with luxury rail journeys, you will be rewarded with an enhanced travel experience. By venturing far beyond the ports of call, you will truly explore the destinations you visit.

Climb aboard some of the most iconic trains

train in the wilderness

Although rail travel may seem outdated, some rail-tour companies have actually achieved admirable status within the industry. The Venice Simplon Orient Express has been traversing continental Europe since its inaugural departure in 1883. Outfitted with Art Deco-style cabins, polished wood, and other high-end furnishings, it’s simple to see why it is known as the world’s most glamorous train. The luxury train gained further popularity after the publication of Agatha Christie’s detective novel Murder on the Orient Express.

You don’t have to travel too far from home to find a thrilling rail journey. Connecting the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Indian Pacific is just one of a handful of the world’s transcontinental rail services. A journey on board will start in Sydney and end in Perth. Treks across Australia used to be gruelling; however, passengers can comfortably enjoy their multiday journey aboard the Indian Pacific thanks to cabins with en-suite facilities and all-inclusive fine dining and beverages. Additionally, passengers can go on excursions to experience the highlights of the Outback.

Chugging along mountainsides and steep canyons at a leisurely 45 kilometres per hour, the luxurious trains of Rocky Mountaineer travel through seven mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains. The rail-tour company offers four rail routes with more than 65 unique holiday packages through British Columbia, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest. These world-renowned train journeys will fill your holiday with endless adventure, transporting you from the shimmering Pacific Ocean through the untamed Rockies.

luxury train in Switzerland

See more than just the sea

Your cruise holiday doesn’t have to be limited to the ports of call; you can elevate your holiday and venture into the hearts of the destinations you’re visiting. From the scenic European countryside and rugged Australian Outback to the vertigo-inducing peaks of the Rocky Mountains, a luxury rail journey will help you see sights that you wouldn’t be able to see from the sundeck of a cruise ship.

When you indulge yourself in a luxury rail journey with Rocky Mountaineer, you’re going on more than just a train ride; you’re unlocking the secrets of the Rockies. With no need for roads, petrol, maps, or hiking boots, Rocky Mountaineer will take you from bustling cities, like Vancouver, Seattle, and Banff, to the greatest highlights of the Rockies. As the trains are outfitted with dome windows, you’ll be sure to get an astounding panoramic view of the wilderness outside. The trains also boast open-air sections and extra space between coaches that allow for outdoor viewing, bringing you even closer to nature.

dome windows of a Rocky Mountaineer train

Next stop: star treatment

Comfort and extravagance are standard on any luxury rail journey. From comfortable, spacious seating to friendly and attentive service, the only time you’ll need to lift a finger is when you’re snapping a picture of the stunning landscape. Acting as tour guides, the charming and professional hosts escorting you on Rocky Mountaineer journeys are full of light-hearted stories and bites of historical knowledge to make your ride unforgettable. Master chefs and skilled culinary teams will also be on board to serve you mouth-watering gourmet meals. Some trains are outfitted with a private dining room with large picture windows, so you can still enjoy the view during mealtimes.

As you enjoy the beautiful scenery when the sun is up, you’ll be able to rejoice in high-end accommodations at the end of the day. Luxury rail-tour companies often offer onboard accommodations with lavish amenities. On a Rocky Mountaineer holiday, however, you will be exploring the wilderness of the majestic Rocky Mountains by day and resting your head in the most luxurious hotels at night.

Rocky Mountaineer passengers can become even more “one with nature” if they book a featured tour or excursion. Observe whales breaching off the coast of British Columbia. When you’re in Alberta, ascend Sulphur Mountain in the Banff Gondola or see the flora and fauna on a tour of Yoho National Park. Or since you’ve already travelled by land and sea, hop on a helicopter and see Calgary from above!

Indian Pacific train in Australia

Luxury rail journeys are the best way to see the world beyond the ports of call. With our Rocky Mountaineer packages, the sights will come to you; you just need to have your camera at the ready. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, travelling alone, or holidaying with the whole family, Cruise1st has unbeatable deals that suit all interests and budgets. Browse our entire catalogue of Rail & Sail packages or ring our Australia based cruise experts on 1300 857 345 to learn more.



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