Three Reasons Why You Should Cruise with Azamara


Travelling is simple: arriving at a destination, seeing the noteworthy sights, and perusing the local shops and eateries. Anyone can do it. However, exploring is harder: digging below the surface to get the know the place, its people, and what makes it so special to the locals. Azamara makes the latter a reality.

When you sail with Azamara, you’re not just a traveller; you’re an explorer. The luxury cruise line offers plenty of overnight stays and docks at smaller ports that are inaccessible to larger liners. That way, you can explore further. Here are three reasons why you should choose Azamara for your next cruise.

Azamara will culturally immerse you

couple in cave with glowing lights

Snapping that perfect selfie in front of a famous monument may prove that you’ve been to a destination, but Azamara’s land programmes will truly immerse you in the local culture. Following a rebranding, Azamara dropped “Club Cruises” from its name and gained – along with a modern logo – more than 1,700 land programmes. The idea was to venture beyond the sea while continuing to provide authentic Azamara experiences on land.

In order to provide this range of land programmes, Azamara is collaborating with the most well-renowned luxury travel companies. Operating more than 75% of the land programmes is Cox and Kings with niche companies, such as Micato Safaris, PerryGolf, and Aloschi Brothers, taking care of the rest. Azamara’s land programmes will throw you into the core of local life, providing you with authentic experiences that will let you personally explore a new culture.

Azamara land programmes are divided into three distinct categories.

AzAmazing Journeys

  • three- to six-day curated programmes with intimate groups of twelve to 18 guests, led by expert guides
  • familiarise guests with local culture thanks to independent specialists, such as historians, professors, and connoisseurs
  • AzAmazing Moments: once-in-a-lifetime experiences that indulge the senses
  • breathtaking accommodation, from five-star hotels and castles to boutique inns and glamping experiences

Land Journeys

  • three- to six-night programmes with a wider group of like-minded guests
  • specialised travel experience showing destinations from new perspectives, showcasing both hidden gems and must-see landmarks
  • accommodation in 4- and 5-star hotels, boutique inns, luxury lodges, and more

Stay Local

  • two- and three-night stays for time-restricted guests who still want an immersive experience
  • intensive crash course on a city, offering both pre- and post-cruise
  • transports guests beyond typical city highlights and immerses them in local life

Azamara will take you to unmatched destinations

Azamara cruise ship in Mykonos Greece

When you cruise with Azamara, it’s not just about getting from point A to point B with some frill in between. Azamara offers curated – but not strict – itineraries that will whisk you away to destinations that other cruise lines could only dream of taking you. And instead of just offering a few hours on shore, Azamara rewards its guests with more late departures and overnights stays than any other cruise line. Get ready to see these destinations come to life once the sun goes down.

Thanks to Azamara’s fleet of smaller cruise ships, picture-perfect scenery and extended stays at harder-to-reach ports of call are a possibility. These intimate vessels are never crowded and are the perfect size to dock at smaller ports that larger liners just cannot access. Just imagine stepping off your ship right into the heart of the world’s major metropolises!

Experience these magical ports even before you see land. In Azamara’s destination-focused programming, highly specialised lecturers educate you about the highlights of each destination you’ll visit before you set foot ashore. The World Wildlife Fund speakers on board will teach you how you can connect with nature during your land programmes. They will also inform you about how Azamara is doing its part to protect the waters its fleet sails.

Azamara’s destinations

  • 94 destination countries
  • 303 ports of call
  • 268 late-night stays in 2019
  • 155 overnight stays in 2019

Hard-to-reach ports Azamara can access


Azamara delivers superior service

drawing room on board Azamara cruise ship

Azamara’s high-end cruise ships have been compared to floating boutique hotels, offering personalised service and lavish amenities. After your incredible experience on land, you won’t want to hesitate to return to the ship due to Azamara’s high-standard service. Even though they have already anticipated all your needs, the smiley crew on board is always ready to lend a hand when you need one. Their duty is to make sure your cruise holiday is relaxing and stress-free. Personalised service is just one of the many reasons why you should consider upgrading to a luxury cruise.

With all-inclusive amenities, you can just leave your wallet in your suite. Everything you can think of is already included in your cruise fare: drinks, dining, laundry, land transfers, and much more. Most sailings feature an AzAmazing Evenings event, gratis. Azamara also has a complimentary concierge team to make sure your cruise holiday is just how you’d like it. You won’t have to lift a hand – except when you’re drawing that glass of Champagne to your lips.

Those were just the top three, but I could list a hundred more reasons why you should sail with Azamara on your next cruise holiday. Can’t wait to climb aboard an Azamara ship? You can check out our top cruise deals, book directly online, or ring our Australian cruise experts on 1300 857 345. Spaces are limited on these elegant boutique ships, so book fast!

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