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Princess Cruises currently has four MedallionClass ships in its fleet: Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, and Crown Princess. What sets MedallionClass ships apart from the rest of the crowd is the availability of the award-winning OceanMedallion – wearable technology exclusive to Princess Cruises. This state-of-the-art tech accessory is making waves in the cruise industry.

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveller, the OceanMedallion will make cruising even easier – this powerful, little device can do it all for you. Essentially, it is your wallet, stateroom key card, and phone – all in one. Furthermore, it is your calendar, navigator, and personal butler. Not only does it open the door to your stateroom, but the OceanMedallion will also open doors to an iconic Princess MedallionClass holiday.

Behind the technology

The OceanMedallion is an intelligent device that you can wear as a bracelet, necklace, clip, or lanyard. Or you can just slip it into your pocket or purse. No matter how you carry it with you, the OceanMedallion will reward you with more time to enjoy your cruise holiday.

Effectively making the old-school stateroom key card obsolete, the OceanMedallion also acts as your charge card, passport, and identification card. Simply put, it’s your must-have companion if you’re looking for personalised service.

OceanMedallion as a bracelet

Embarking on a journey

Be sure to complete all necessary information and download the OceanMedallion smartphone app before you head to the port. Passengers with the OceanMedallion enjoy priority check-in, so you can walk through security without any fuss and board your Princess cruise in minutes. But, how does it work without Wi-Fi? With MedallionNet, the fastest Wi-Fi at sea, Princess Cruises always gives you the opportunity to surf the web throughout the ship. You will be able to scroll through social media and stream music and movies – even on the beach!

women doing yoga and a woman in the water

First-class service

With the OceanNow feature, you can order whatever you want, wherever you are! Are you lounging poolside? Relaxing in the hot tub? No problem! OceanMedallion will find your location and be at your service. Whether you want to order food, your go-to cocktail, more pillows, room service, or pretty much anything, you’ll have round-the-clock, personalised service right at your fingertips. How about paying? You can pay with a touch of the OceanMedallion.

couples at the railing of a cruise ship

Location is everything

If you’re cruising with the whole family or with a larger group, the OceanCompass app will be your new best friend. Whether it’s your children wanting more independence or your friends constantly getting lost throughout the ship, OceanCompass will assist you in finding your shipmates throughout your time on board. You can rest assured knowing where your kids are while they’re exploring their new-found freedom or where your friends are when you accidentally get separated.

Additionally, using step-by-step directions, OceanCompass will help you navigate your way around the ship and to where you need to go. It will estimate your arrival time, too!

girl doing a cannonball and a mother with her child

Fun for kids

Your kids will absolutely fall in love with the interactive PlayOcean games. Among the fun-filled games are Under the Stars on the massive poolside screen and location-based scavenger hunts throughout the ship. If your children are a bit on the shy side, they can use the OceanMedallion to create their own digital companion. They can even interact with their new friends at various portals on the ship!

Your personal concierge

The OceanConcierge feature of the OceanMedallion is a huge favourite among Princess passengers. On board, it will be your go-to source for information – pulling up the daily itinerary, browsing specialty restaurant menus, booking services in the spa, and getting an overview of your onboard account.

The OceanMedallion is unparalleled in terms of onboard cruise companions. As more and more Princess ships are being adopted into the Princess MedallionClass, more passengers will be able to experience the personalised service of the OceanMedallion. Here’s a list of Princess ships, on which the OceanMedallion will be available:

Princess Cruises’ Ship Availability of the OceanMedallion
Sky Princess 27 October 2019
Grand Princess 21 February 2020
Diamond Princess 15 March 2020
Majestic Princess 18 April 2020
Star Princess 12 June 2020
Enchanted Princess 15 June 2020
Sapphire Princess 27 July 2020


If you want to test out the OceanMedallion for yourself, browse these royally incredible cruise deals with Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, and Crown Princess. If you have any questions, ring our Australia-based cruise experts on 1300 857 345 today!

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