Celebrity Edge: A Step Above the Rest


When Celebrity Edge was originally launched in the winter of 2018, the luxurious cruise ship first sailed the crystal waters of the Caribbean. Making her European return the following spring, she excited many cruise enthusiasts because such a stunning ship had never been spotted in the Mediterranean before. Her sister, Celebrity Apex, will also begin to make waves in the Mediterranean in April 2020.

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go on a cruise aboard Celebrity Edge. The ship is the latest addition to Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of cruise ships and the premium cruise line’s first Edge-class ship. Here’s some information about Celebrity Edge and her game-changing features as well as my impressions during the cruise.

A Bold, New Cruise Ship

Celebrity Edge is not your cookie-cutter cruise ship. An incredible feat of engineering, Celebrity Edge radiates a sense of modernity that I have yet to see on any other liner. With so much free space that you’ll never feel claustrophobic and staterooms so spacious and comfortable that you’ll forget that you’re even away from home, she is a cruise ship like no other. The ship even showcases a moving bar! Celebrity Edge really is something special.

Captain Spotlight: Captain Kate McCue

“Every Celebrity cruise ship is special to me, just like every child is to its mother.”

Fun Facts

  • First American woman to be in command of a mega cruise ship
  • First cruise: four-day voyage in the Bahamas with her family
  • Travels with her Elf Sphynx cat Bug Naked


Work History



Spacious Staterooms on Celebrity Edge

From interior staterooms to swanky suites, Celebrity Edge features spacious accommodations that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Your comfort is at your fingertips with a special gadget you can use to adjust the lights, control the temperature, and open and close the blinds on the balcony. The size of the interior and oceanview staterooms are impressive. With included amenities, such as Smart TV, 24-hour room service, and luxurious bedding, the service you’d receive in interior and oceanview staterooms is similar to what you should expect in balcony staterooms, which boast 19 square metres of space. The balconies themselves are large and feature a closing window that keeps the wind and rain out.

The shining star of Celebrity Edge is the Sky Suites, which boast an impressive 28 square metres of space and nine-square-metre balconies. If you are accustomed to comfort and convenience, these suites were made just for you. The floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass door that lead to the lofty balcony blur the division between the suite and the sea. This optical illusion visually increases the area of the living space. Additionally, these suites come with a handful of privileges, including bottled water in the suite, a welcome bottle of champagne, a personal butler, access to The Retreat featuring a private pool and an exclusive lounge, and the opportunity to dine at the private restaurant, Luminae.

Celebrity Edge stateroom and Sky Suite

Delicious Dining Options on Celebrity Edge

The onboard restaurants of Celebrity Edge are just as special as the cruise ship itself. Whether you’re ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can always head to deck 14 for a buffet open round-the-clock. The buffet options are delightfully diverse: colourful salads, the freshest seafood spread, juicy fruits, steaks grilled right in front of your eyes, delectable dessert, and so much more! The buffet also hosts themed nights, such as an evening honouring Japanese cuisine. Sip down some miso soup, delight your tastebuds to fresh sashimi, and enjoy bowls and bowls of noodles. It’s also worth mentioning that passengers can enjoy complimentary refreshments and waters at the buffet all day long.

In addition to the ship’s buffet, Celebrity Edge offers four complimentary restaurants. Cosmopolitan Restaurant serves up new American chow, Normandie Restaurant crafts French cuisine, Cyprus Restaurant whips together Mediterranean fare, and Tuscan Restaurant prepares southern Italian dishes. All four are stylishly designed and offer top-notch service alongside culinary wonders! Just image: succulent scallops, fresh salmon tartare, flame-grilled steaks, buttery lobster, and much more! You can reserve a table in advance for any time that’s convenient for you, or when you’re booking, you can just indicate that you wish to dine during a particular shift. If you’re craving something else, Celebrity Edge also offers alternative restaurants, such as Mast Grill for poolside grilled delights or Eden Café for fresh bites.

Exciting Entertainment on Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge is a buzzing entertainment hub. When the sun is out, you can relax poolside with a fruity cocktail in hand, work up a sweat exercising, or treat yourself to a massage in the spa. However, once the stars come out, the cruise line hosts stage performances and wild parties.

While I was on board, Celebrity Edge hosted a silent disco. I was handed a set of headphones upon entry, through which you hear the music. Everyone is listening and dancing along to the same tunes, but once you take them off, the room is completely silent! It would definitely be a curious sight for anyone passing by.

You can win big at the casino at the slots, playing poker, spinning the roulette, and more! I also really enjoyed the open-air cinema. Movies are projected in the late afternoon in the garden on the open deck.

Celebrity Edge entertainment

Highlights of Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge is the most awe-inspiring cruise ship I have ever stepped foot on. From the attentive crew and cosmopolitan atmosphere to the remarkable innovations, this is what Celebrity Edge does differently from other cruise ships:

  • Magic Carpet: This multipurpose moving platform is the first in the industry to ascend to a height of 13 floors above sea level. Thanks to the Magic Carpet, you will soar over the open ocean. Take in the breathtaking views with your favourite drink in hand whilst musicians play along to the rhythm of the waves.
  • Rooftop Garden: A pocket-sized park on the open deck, far out at sea. By day, an open-air cinema; by night, party central!
  • Eden Restaurant: With its open kitchen design, you can see exactly how your dishes are prepared. Dining here comes with a magical performance with acrobats, singers, and dancers. From everything from pan-seared duck breast to briny oysters, the menu is diverse. I must remind you that dining at Eden Restaurant is not complimentary, and a reservation needs to be made separately.

Intriguing Itineraries with Celebrity

Celebrity Edge will sail the warm waters of the Caribbean when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere. However, she will be heading back to the Mediterranean Sea for summertime in Europe. Celebrity Edge will sail between the dazzling gems of the Mediterranean: Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, and more!

If you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime aboard Celebrity Edge, browse and book our unbeatable cruise deals. If you have any questions or need assistance booking, ring our friendly Australia-based cruise experts on 1300 857 345.



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