3 Unique Ways to Use Your Private Cruise Ship Balcony


Sure sipping on a glass of bubbly while watching the sunset is the epitome of cruise ship bliss however we think that when you have the luxury of a private balcony, you should make the absolute most of it. To help ensure your next at-sea experience is utterly unique we’ve come up with some quirky new ways to use cruise ship balconies.

As a private sun tanning deck

Soaking up the sun by the pool is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon however after days on end your tan lines could be getting a little on the obvious side. Even things out my hitting up your private balcony and soaking up the sun, sans swim suit!

A picnicking platform

Cruise ships are brimming with incredibly dining experiences however sometimes the time is ripe for a civilised night in. whip out the room service menu, order to your heart’s content, roll out a towel or two and then put together your very own private picnic spread.

Practice yoga

If your cruise cabin balcony is big enough it could be used as a stunning open air yoga studio where you can practice your downward dog while staring out to sea. Of course, we don’t suggest any precarious poses such as headstands!

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Joe Ross.


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