5 Common Cruise Problems and How to Solve Them


While 99% of cruises provide a hassle-free and enjoyable holiday, on the odd occasion, things can go awry and throw a spanner in the works. From your cruise documents arriving late to being given a double bed instead of twins, things can happen before and during a cruise that are beyond your control, and thus likely to cause more stress and hassle than they’re worth.

Thankfully, with a cool head and a little patience, most cruise problems are easy to rectify on-board and onshore. To give you an idea of some of the issues you’re likely to come across before and during your cruise, here we look 5 of the most common cruise problems and how to solve them.

The Weather is Threatening Bad Storms


While cruise lines have got much better at monitoring incoming weather systems, bad weather is still a big problem for ocean travel — particularly in areas prone to seasonal hurricanes. If the weather report looks sinister during your cruise, don’t fret. Cruise ships contain all manner of gadgetry to help them track the weather, and contingency plans will be put in place to avoid rough seas. This could mean missing some port visits on the itinerary, or else having to travel to a different terminal to board the ship. Your cruise line will sort all of this for you, and it’ll certainly be more comfortable than facing a night in the burgeoning swell.

 You Haven’t Received Your Cruise Documents and Luggage Tags

 For whatever reason, sometimes cruise documents just don’t turn up in time for your cruise, naturally leaving some passengers in a panic. But don’t worry, as most cruise lines now don’t require you to bring the original documents with you on embarkation day. Provided you have a printer, it’s possible to print all the documents you need at home, so there’s no need to wait for them to turn up at your door. Indeed, some of the major cruise lines now offer ticketless boarding with a smartphone app — eliminating the need for paperwork completely and thus streamlining the complete experience.

 You’re Running Late and Could Miss Embarkation

 There’s nothing more stressful when travelling to meet your cruise ship than getting stuck in traffic or facing delays at the airport, but sometimes these problems can’t be avoided. If you’re running late for embarkation and think you could miss the ship’s departure, call your cruise line and explain the situation. They’ll do what they can to extend the embarkation time in lieu of your delay, or else make travel arrangements for you to meet the ship in another port. Yes it’s stressful, but it’s important to remember all is not lost.

Your Cabin is Equipped with the Wrong Type of Beds

Though cruise lines make every effort to ensure cabins are perfect for each passenger upon arrival, logistical errors can creep in on occasion — particularly when it comes to beds. A problem which occasionally rears its head is the assignation of the wrong type of bed to the one requested, but this is easily rectified. Most cruise cabin beds can be converted from double to twin beds, so it’s just a matter of separating or joining them together. Just speak to your steward and they’ll be happy to sort the problem for you.

Your Chosen Shore Excursion is Fully Booked


Shore excursions are an essential part of cruising for every passenger, so naturally this means they’re well in demand. The most popular trips can book up extremely quickly upon embarkation, leaving many disappointed by lack of space on the tour bus. If you’re keen to go on a few shore excursions, don’t leave it too late to book your place. Turning up on the day will only lead to heartache, so we’d recommend booking excursions as a priority the moment you board the ship on embarkation day. If a trip is booked up however, all is not lost, as you could still go it alone using an independent excursions operator in the port.

No matter what the problem, the Cruise1st Australia team are here to help ensure your dream cruise goes off without a hitch, so you can enjoy the hassle-free holiday you deserve. To browse our latest cruise deals, visit our homepage or call us on 1300 857 345.


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