8 Things Not to Bother Packing for a Cruise Holiday


Suitcase bulging? Zip breaking? Hair turning grey? We understand packing for a holiday can be stressful. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be.

From one too many pairs of shoes to a plethora of outfits for literally every occasion, we’re all guilty of taking too much stuff on holiday. To help you travel lighter and keep the stress levels at a minimum when you’re packing for your next seafaring adventure, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you simply will not need to take on a cruise – let’s get to it.


Towel trouble? We’ve all been there. One minute you’re zipping up, ready to sail into the sunset, and the next you’re atop your case, trying to squeeze an enormous beach towel into a handkerchief-sized hole. The good news is, you won’t be needing a beach towel – or any towel for that matter – on a cruise. All cabins include an assortment of towels, so no need to clog up your case bringing one. Good eh?

Bath Robe

Whether toddling off to the spa or sunning it on the balcony, a bathrobe will come in handy during a cruise. But before you go stuffing your robe into your bulging case, stop: Depending on the cruise line you choose, there’ll likely be his and hers robe waiting for you when you eventually set sail, eliminating the need to take your own – more toiletries anyone?

Food & Alcohol

Packing a few cabin nibbles is all well and good, but don’t be tempted to take a pantry’s worth of food and drink on a cruise. Most cruise firms have a strict policy against food and alcohol being brought aboard, so it’s a waste of time kitting your case out with tasty titbits. If you find in need of a bite to eat or drink during the voyage, make for the nearest bar, restaurant or eatery.

Prohibited Items

Naturally, no firearms, explosives, martial arts equipment, aerial drones, truncheons or baseball bats are allowed on board – so that should free up space in your case. On a serious note: if you’re concerned something may or may not be outlawed, check your cruise operator’s individual prohibited items list – some of the items deemed unsuitable for travel may surprise you, so it pays to have a looksee.

Hair Dryer

With their bulky, awkward design, hairdryers have become the bane of travellers the world over. These pesky – albeit, necessary – contraptions take up a criminal amount of room, and are rather heavy to boot. Thankfully, most cruise cabins are equipped with one, so for goodness sake – don’t pack one. Just think of what you could fit in that surplus space: souvenirs? Sun cream? An extra pair of underwear? The world’s your oyster.

Travel Iron

You know that snazzy travel iron you recently purchased? It was a waste of your hard-earned money. Why? Because you aren’t allowed to bring a clothes iron, or any other heat generating device (excluding curling tongs and hair straighteners) for that matter, on a cruise. Fire at sea is the cruise industry’s greatest fear, and they’ll do anything to prevent it – including banning the humble clothes iron. Save yourself the trouble – don’t bring a travel iron.


If shampoo and conditioner are the only products you use in a morning, your toiletry bag just got a whole lot lighter. Cruise ships divvy out a range of complimentary toiletries for new passengers; from toothpaste and soap to shampoo and body wash. If you’re tempted to scrimp on toiletries, don’t forget the necessaries: razor, deodorant and most important of all, sun cream.


Reading is a pastime enjoyed by many a holidaymaker, so this year’s beach reads may be the last thing you’d want to leave behind. Trust us though: leave the literature at home on your next cruise. Most cruise ships feature a library jam-packed with forgotten or gifted reads, and the quality is often surprisingly good. If you have a list of books you’re looking to read on your holiday, save space with an e-reader.

Is your case busting at the seams? Lessen the strain by removing any of the eight items above. Who knows, that leftover room could be just what it takes to fit in that new pair of shoes.

For more hints on tips on how to cruise in comfort, check out our cruise tips page or visit the Cruise 1st Australia homepage to start planning your dream cruise today.

Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Highways England


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