Do Cruise Ships Have Irons? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)


We’ve been compiling some of the most frequently asked cruise questions to find out what the most common cruise holiday queries are. So, we’ve endeavoured to answer these questions as fully as possible, clearing up any concerns or worries you may have.

Do Cruise Ships have Irons?

The vast majority of cruise lines do not provide irons and prohibit passengers from bringing their own on board, for safety reasons. Ship bosses are concerned that irons could be a fire hazard even though 99.99% of passengers will press their clothes safely, they can never be too careful. However laundry services are available on all the top cruise liners including professional ironing and pressing. So don’t worry if your dinner jacket picks up a crease in your suitcase.

Do Cruise Ships have Wifi?

If you want to keep in contact with your loved ones back on shore and abreast of the news, all the top cruise lines offer comprehensive internet connections with many providing WiFi. Recently Royal Caribbean upgraded their fleet to provide customers with Wifi throughout all their ships. The speed of the internet can be unpredictable due to the ship’s movement and changing signal, but it is a service which is being constantly improved upon and updated.

Do Cruise Ships have Weapons?

Presumably, this query is searched for by those paranoid about Jack Sparrow and his pirate mates. No cruise ships carry weapons, but fear not, cruise routes are meticulously planned to only sail through safe waters away from the dangers of being invaded. A cruise ship with 1,000 members of staff and upwards of 4,000 passengers does not present an easy target for a pirate invasion.

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Do Cruise Ships have Smoking Rooms?

Each cruise line has its own smoking policies and restrictions, but the rules are getting stricter. More and more cruise companies are prohibiting smokers from lighting up in their cabin or on their balcony. Only Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America currently allow passengers to smoke on their balcony. Renaissance cruises have even launched liners which completely restrict smoking whilst at sea. The majority of cruise lines do offer smoking areas for passengers, but these are growing fewer and farther between.

Do Cruise Ships have Jails?

Although the majority of cruise ships don’t have jails per se, they do contain de facto detention rooms to detain unruly and disruptive passengers. The holding cells are implemented to ensure all passengers on the cruise have peaceful and enjoyable trips. Cruise ships have on board security who will detain and supervise any wrongdoers, handing them over to on-land authorities if the offence is serious enough.

Do Cruise Ships have Liquor Stores?

Keen to take advantage of duty-free alcohol, many of you have searched for this question and you will be happy with the answer. Cruise ships have well-stocked liquor stores on board giving you the chance to take back a little keepsake or present for friends and family. However, you are not allowed to open a bottle of alcohol bought on board – with the ship keeping it until the last night of the cruise.

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…and for the Morbid Amongst you.

Yes, cruise ships do have morgues. The majority of on-board morgues will have a capacity of one to three bodies and will transport the bodies either to the point of embarkation or the next port of call, depending on the line.


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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: John Buie, Kris Krug.


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