Five Reasons to Cruise to Hawaii


A cruise to Hawaii sits at the top of many of our bucket lists. According to the Hawaiian Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, the paradise islands – home to unparalleled natural beauty dotted with plumerias, friendly locals, and tonnes of activities both in the water and on land – drew in nearly 10 million tourists in 2018. And that’s no surprise considering that Hawaii offers something for everyone: from surfing, body boarding, hiking, and skydiving for adventurers to lounging by the pool, beach days, and catamaran rides for the slow-paced crowd.

Hawaii may be a dream destination, but you might be asking yourself: What is the best way to explore the islands? We can guarantee you that if you’re looking for a stress-free holiday, cruising to this paradise is your best option. Not only will you be able to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands for nearly half the cost of an on-land holiday, but there are plenty of other benefit you can reap if you hop on a cruise to Hawaii. Here are five reasons why you should cruise to Hawaii.

Honolulu Hawaii

You’ll save money.

While you may be thinking about exploring Hawaii the traditional way – on land, Hawaiian prices are going to make you want to reconsider. Hawaii is among the most expensive holiday destinations, and expenses for hotels, meals, transportation, entertainment, and shopping will quickly add up. According to Norwegian Cruise Line, a Hawaii cruise will only cost you half as much as a traditional land holiday. If you decide to go on a cruise, however, accommodations, complimentary onboard dining, and transportation are already included in your cruise fare.

Where you’ll save the most is when you’re hopping around the Hawaiian Islands. Going on a Hawaiian cruise takes the cost of inter-island flights out of the picture. This is probably one of the major benefits of opting out of a traditional land holiday because a one-way island-hopping flight costs around $260 per person.

You won’t have to worry about inter-island transportation.

In theory, island hopping sounds like an unforgettable adventure. However, in practice, that adventure will be spoilt by precious holiday time being wasted on researching and booking inter-island flights and waiting around in airports. If you go on a cruise instead, your cruise ship already provides inter-island transportation as she’s sailing from island to island.

It’s not a true Hawaiian holiday experience if you’re not hopping around among the islands. If you try to plan it all yourself, expect to unpack and repack your belongings several times. Alternatively, if you book a cruise, you’ll only need to unpack once, and everything will remain in the comfort of your stateroom.

tikis in Pu'uhonua O Honaunau

You’ll always have a view of the ocean.

Just because you booked at a hotel overlooking the water doesn’t mean that your hotel room will have an ocean view. If you want to avoid spending hundreds to overnight in a hotel room with a view looking over the carpark, a stateroom on a cruise is the way to go. Whether an inside studio stateroom for yourself or an inside stateroom for your family of four, whenever the cruise ship is docked, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the ocean!

You won’t have to plan a thing.

If you’re not the biggest planner or are short on holiday time, a cruise is, without a doubt, the best way to explore Hawaii. With pre-determined itineraries, all the planning is done for you even before you set foot on the ship. Instead of booking tickets to Pearl Harbour in advance, visit the ship’s excursions deck and purchase a pre-planned tour. If you want to rent a car, just hop on the free shuttle at the port to get to the rental car centre. Just sit back and relax poolside with a cocktail in hand; organising your on-land travel will be a piece of cake.

couple on Hawaiian beach

You’ll see more in less time.

Whether it’s your first or hundredth trip to Hawaii, you’re going to want to see and do as much as possible on your holiday. Going on a cruise to Hawaii will guarantee that you visit multiple islands. Most Hawaii-bound cruise ships depart from and return to a port on the contiguous United States and will visit the four main islands: Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.

If you’re afraid you won’t see or do enough on the islands, don’t be! Most cruises to Hawaii stay in port for a considerable amount of time, rewarding you with plenty of time to explore. Some cruise ships even stay a full two days at port! If you book a shore excursion, you can look forward to a fully comprehensive experience. From summitting a volcano and ziplining over the lush, green flora to attending a luau and snorkelling with the vibrant fish, you will experience everything Hawaii has to offer.

If you’re ready to embark on a voyage to the Hawaiian Islands, check out our selection of Hawaii cruise deals. If you have any questions, ring our friendly team of cruise consultants on 1300 857 345.

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