Here’s How to Cook Delicious Dishes from Your Last Asia Cruise


Returned from your Asian adventure but already missing its vibrant climes and culture? We don’t blame you. It’s a spectacular part of the world, brimming with an energy and ambience that’s unlike anywhere else. Amidst the busy streets, serene temples and many-splendored atmosphere, there’s probably one thing above all that sticks out about this corner of the globe, and that’s the continent’s truly stunning food.

Fragrant, fiery and impossible to resist, the cuisine that’s native to Asia is an undoubted highlight. But fear not, though your stomach may be rumbling for the far-flung food you devoured while you were there, a bit of creativity in the kitchen can fill your home with aromas and flavours of your favourite Asian dishes.

We’ve asked some of our favourite food bloggers for their culinary insights, presenting us with some of their delicious dishes you can make at home. From a clean, healthy noodle salad to crispy Vietnamese pancakes, these great dishes are perfect if you’re feeling nostalgic about your Asian adventure.

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad – Bun Ga Nuong

viennamese chicken noodles recipe

First up, Laura and Sarah from Wander Cooks give us this wonderful Vietnamese chicken noodle salad, or Bun Ga Nuong to give the dish its native name. Light, healthy and bursting with that same authentic freshness and flavour you experienced on your cruise, this dish leaps from fork to palate with plenty of gusto.

Aside from the spicy, tender chicken, the crunch from the fresh carrot and cucumber mixes up the textures, delivering a bite to every mouthful that’s cool and refreshing. With notes of mint and coriander infusing the dish with wonderful aromas, the whole meal is drizzled with a spicy nuoc cham sauce, a piquant addition that’s used in many a Vietnamese speciality.

See the whole recipe here

Banh Xeo Crispy Vietnamese Pancakes

banh xeo recipe

Next on the menu, Aleney from BoyEatsWorld serves up these wonderful Banh Xeo pancakes. Despite looking a bit like an omelette, there are no eggs used in this recipe, but its robust fillings and crunchy shell are not to be missed.

Traditionally made with pork and prawns, the surf-and-turf stuffing is enhanced with spring onions, and bean sprouts, with the old favourite, nuoc cham, again making an appearance, adding a nice little kick to the dish.

Made to be eaten with your hands, serve it up with a side of leafy greens (whatever you fancy really), and treat yourself to this quick, easy and relatively cheap Asian icon.

See the full recipe here

Thai Chicken Patties and Spiralised Veggies

thai food recipe

We can’t talk about Asian cuisine without bringing up the indulgent delights of the ubiquitous peanut sauce. This dish, courtesy of Marie from Not Enough Cinnamon, features a delicious dipping sauce that pairs peanut butter with the usual suspects: fiery ginger, spicy sriracha and soy sauce, perfect for dipping these delicious mini patties.

The other elements of this dish, the zesty, lean chicken patties and plenty of fresh veggies help to offset the richness of the peanut sauce, creating a clean, healthy dish that instantly reminds you of your time abroad.

See full recipe here

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