How to Get the Most Out of a Shore Excursion


One of the great benefits of a cruise holiday is the opportunity to take in multiple different destinations in one on holiday, helping you experience new cultures and broaden your horizons. Here we explore a few ways to maximise the potential of shore excursions and demonstrate how to make the most of the days in port.

Explore your Options

If you are looking for a cruise holiday with plenty of shore excursions, it is simple to use the Cruise1st search tool to find the perfect trip. Each of our packages clearly states the port visits on the itineraries, making it easy to explore your potential visits. This can help you tick a number of dream destinations off the bucket list or visit previous favourites.

Embrace the Experts

The vast majority of days in port will be accompanied by guided tours and official excursions. Cruise lines have researched all their destinations thoroughly to develop excursions which give guests maximum value and the truest reflection of local culture. Embrace the expertise of tour guides and locals to help you discover the best of distant lands.

Tour Guide - mararie

Research Local Sites and Restaurants

Using independent tools such as TripAdvisor, it is possible to find impartial reviews of restaurants, bars, cafes and sites of your upcoming destinations. Use these to find hidden gems of your destinations to help personalise the excursion. The ever-improving internet facilities on cruise ships mean it is easier than ever to research what to see just before disembarkation.

Pack Wisely

As well as passports, local currencies and Visas, there are a number of items you will need to pack to make the most of a shore excursion. Bottled water is necessary for shore excursions, especially those which will incorporate significant amounts of walking or will be subjected to high temperatures. Research the forecasted weather before departure to help you pack correct clothing. Quality footwear is usually beneficial to offer support and protection – unless the excursion is just the beach.

…or Stay on the Ship

Alternatively, days in port can be spent on the ship. With people leaving to explore the new lands, there will be shorter queues for all the amenities and fewer people to contend with for the prime real estate in and around the pool. Extras such as spa treatments are cheaper on some ships whilst in port, helping you make great savings on luxury treatments.

cruise spa 1 - MSC Cruises(USA)

If there is one port visit during your cruise you aren’t that excited about, it could be the perfect day to have some quiet time to yourself.

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