6 Hilarious Cruise Ship Complaints


Cruise ships are famous for dishing up some of the most attentive service on the planet, with staff pulling out all the stops to ensure passengers are 100% satisfied. Whether it’s catering for special diets, making someone feel special on their birthday, delivering an extra pillow or helping arrange a shore excursion, guests are generally blown away by the incredible attention to detail.

Of course, not everyone can be pleased and a recent article revealed just how finicky people can get! Published by BonVoyage.uk, the write up disclosed some of the funniest cruise complaints of all time and we guarantee, they’ll definitely get a giggle.

1. Honeymoon heartbreak

After a two week honeymoon cruise a husband was not impressed with the fact that his cabin was not decorated in white, not scattered with rose petals every day and not serviced by a private butler delivering champagne and strawberries. The punchline is that he didn’t inform the staff he would like a VIP service, he just assumed they would know.

2. Barlow blues

A girl was left bitterly disappointed after she booked a cruise that British singer Gary Barlow had once famously taken, only to find that he wasn’t onboard.

3. Captain qualms

After returning to the ship two hours late, a couple complained that the captain was ‘rude’ because he hadn’t waited for them, despite the fact that they’d written him a personal letter explaining that they were extremely busy.

4. Alaskan chill

A gentleman clearly forgot to check the weather report given that he asked for compensation after having to buy warm winter clothes during a cruise to Alaska. Failing to “get an impressive tan” or “swim in the swimming pool each day” were also cited as serious issues. Of course, with the right attitude and warm weather gear a cruise to Alaska can be an incredible experience. Just ask the team of Alaska itinerary experts at Cruise 1st!

5. Titanic disappointment

A loved up couple were left feeling a little lacklustre after they arrived at their ship, only to find it looked nothing like the Titanic. Apparently the cruise line should have made this clearer.

6. Sea sickness snags

A cruising newbie held the captain personally responsible for failing to inform him that he could get seasick. He then went on to ask for a list of cruises where he wouldn’t encounter getting green around the gills.

Amazingly, BonVoyage cruise development manager Steph Curtin maintains that all of the complaints are taken seriously and investigated if necessary. “If someone is not happy with something, we will investigate. At the end of the day, it is still a complaint.” Fantastic customer service, but we’re not sure these complaints fall into the ‘necessary’ category.

Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: vagueonthehow


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