Why You Should Spend Your Next Holiday on a Repositioning Cruise


Picture this: climbing on board a cruise ship in Sydney and concluding your voyage in Hawaii. Or embarking on a cruise in St. Petersburg and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City. They’re definitely not the most common itineraries! Cruisers usually go on round trips, boarding and disembarking the cruise ship at the same port. This is not the case with repositioning cruises, which, simply put, are only one-way trips. This is what makes this type of cruise so attractive.

Cruise ships relocate from one region to another a few times a year. Cruise lines usually schedule these repositioning cruises during the spring and autumn, so their cruise ships can sail between their winter and summer regions. For example, cruise ships that sail the Baltic Sea when it’s summertime in Europe relocate to warmer destinations, such as the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, at the end of August to escape the approaching winter. Cruise ships sail around Hawaii, Asia, and in your own backyard in the spring and summer but relocate to Alaska as autumn draws closer. The most popular repositioning cruises journey across the Atlantic Ocean and sail through the Panama Canal.

Sydney, Australia and Honolulu, Hawaii

The Advantages of Repositioning Cruises

There are many good reasons why you should consider booking a repositioning cruise. Many of these cruises are longer than normal ones, spending a considerable amount of time traversing the Atlantic, Pacific, and various waterways, like the Suez Canal. These sea days are perfect for unwinding and relaxing, and you will be rewarded with plenty of time to take advantage of the ship’s bountiful amenities. The spa, sports facilities, restaurants, bars, theatres, and other entertainment options will be right at your fingertips!

Because repositioning cruises need to cover such great distances, they often make relatively fewer stops. Despite this, the ports of call are particularly special because cruise lines rarely feature them on their typical itineraries. If that doesn’t convince you, the price tag should! Repositioning cruises usually cost much less. Since the starting and ending ports are different, you would normally need to factor in the travel costs pre- and post-cruise. However, thanks to Cruise1st’s amazing cruise deals, both airfare and accommodations are already included. Additionally, an extended number of days at sea will give you the opportunity to appreciate the stunning views of the water around you. If you’re seeking an affordable cruise on which you can visit destinations off the beaten track and relax on board during sea days, look no further than our repositioning cruises!

St. Petersburg, Russia and New York City, New York

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