How to Stay Fit and Healthy on a Longer Cruise


From lounging under the sun all day every day to feasting on ten types of cake at the 24-hour buffet, cruise holidays are known as a chance for indulgence. Whether you’re a dedicated gym bunny or are just watching your weight, you may think that a cruise holiday isn’t for you. However, there’s no need to abandon your healthy regime just because you’re going on a cruise. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a relaxing cruise holiday while still staying in forme. To help you work it out, we asked some of the top cruise bloggers for their tips on the best ways to keep fit and healthy on a long cruise holiday.

Use the Stairs

Even smaller cruise ships are pretty big, and it may be tempting to get a room as close to the main attractions and a lift as possible. If you’re wanting to keep up your fitness during your cruise, consider choosing a stateroom a bit further away. David Molyneaux from The Travel Mavens recommends using the stairs as a way to burn a few extra calories: “I never ride a lift at a hotel and especially on a ship, if I can walk the stairs. The big ships offer multiple opportunities to increase your stair stamina. Try walking the stairs for a week, slowly at first, resting when necessary — stateroom to breakfast and back, to lunch and back, dinner and back, each time you go to the pool deck. You will be amazed how easy it gets after a few days, and by the end of the week, you will head home and wish you had some stairs (maybe).”

Don from EatSleepCruise agrees that avoiding the lifts is a great option: “You can also avoid the lifts by taking the stairs instead. Not only will you burn some extra calories, but you can also help with crowd control.”

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Walk Around the Ship

Many cruise ships are designed to help you get some exercise while you’re at sea and come equipped with a walking track that allows you to get some salty sea air. If heading to the gym isn’t your cup of tea, head up on deck and get your heart pumping while enjoying the panoramic sea views.

Juliet of Cruise Sisters thinks this is a great way to boost physical and mental wellbeing on a longer cruise: “Taking a walk on the outside track on a cruise ship after breakfast or lunch doesn’t just help you to stay healthy but also makes you happy. It improves blood circulation, supports the digestive system, and gives your body energy. It is the best way to get ready for a day at sea. Some cruise lines even offer non-competitive fundraising walks. That way, you can stay healthy and have fun for a good cause.”

Pick Your Treats

Holidays are made for indulgence, so there’s no need to deprive yourself of your favourite treats just because you want to stay fit and healthy during your cruise. Instead, follow the advice of Don of EatSleepCruise and take a more balanced approach: “Pick a few occasions to splurge, whether it is a dinner feast or some lazy afternoons near the pool with a few frozen cocktails, try limiting the number of indulgences throughout the trip. With the occasional splurge, you won’t feel like you are depriving yourself. After all, you are on holiday!”

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Explore Ports

Another great way to burn a few calories during your cruise is to get off the ship and explore some ports. Instead of opting for a bus tour, take to the streets and walk around the area you’re visiting. Not only will this fill your exercise quota for the day, but it’s also easier to soak up the atmosphere and see things you’d otherwise miss when you travel on foot.

Juliet from Cruise Sisters always makes the most of port visits: “We always love to go ashore to explore the ports. The best way to discover a city is to stroll around and be a part of the crowd, both actor and observer. Don’t just pass by the tourist attractions, but also walk down the neighbourhood areas. You might find some beautiful and calm streets. That way, you make good use of your time, appreciate your surroundings, and stay healthy.”

Don from EatSleepCruise thinks exploring on foot is a great way to keep healthy without even thinking about it: There are several easy tips to help you stay healthy and keep that cruise weight in check during a long cruise. Walking is, by far, one of the easiest and healthiest things you can do when cruising. We are known to rack up 16 kilometres or more a day (without going to the gym) from just walking around the ship and ports of call.”

Make Use of Classes

Cruise ships often have loads of well-organised activities you can get involved in, and exercise classes are a great way to keep fit while having some fun. Whether you opt for some relaxing morning yoga to get you ready for the day ahead, try an energetic dance class, or even head to spinning class for a serious calorie burn, it’s worth checking out what’s on offer. Not only will this keep you active and healthy, but it’s also a wonderful way to meet other people on your cruise and make some new friends. Just pack your workout clothes and try a few different classes until you find one you love!

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Healthier Choices

Planning your food to include healthy choices is another great way you can keep fit and healthy on your cruise. Whether it’s avoiding the sugar-fuelled cocktail hour or heading back out to the pool before the dessert section of the lunchtime buffet gets underway, a little planning can help you avoid too much temptation.

Juliet of Cruise Sisters suggests planning a healthy meal when you’re not hungry to make healthy choices easier: “If you order cabin breakfast the night before, you can make a healthier choice for the next day. You won’t get pressured into piling your plate with everything that looks yummy at the breakfast buffet.”

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