What is the Best Deck to Choose on a Cruise Ship?


After finding your perfect cruise itinerary on the ship with the features and amenities you and your family will love, selecting the ideal cabin can help ensure your holiday is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Choosing the best deck can go a long way towards helping you find the ideal cabin. Here we offer a few tips for finding that perfect deck.

Examine your Options

Researching the full selection of cabin types and cabin positioning options can help you find the perfect cabin. Cruise Ship Deck Plans has comprehensive deck plans of all the ships from the major cruise lines. This tool gives you the opportunity to check where the cabins are positioned in relation to the features and amenities you and the family are most excited to enjoy.

ultra-luxe Grand Duplex Suites

All the major cruise lines offer a range of different cabin and suite sizes and styles.

Safety Features and Disabled Access

All the major cruise lines offer a significant volume of disabled access rooms aboard their ships. The new Quantum Class of ships from Royal Caribbean play host to 34 special access cabins, both on the interior and exterior of the ship.

The special access cabins on the majority of cruise ships are traditionally situated near elevators allowing them to enjoy the features of the top deck.


For guests who are particularly prone to seasickness, motion sickness and nausea – choosing the right deck can help make the entire cruise experience more comfortable and enjoyable. As the buoyancy and structure of cruise ships necessitates the same number of decks below sea level (traditionally crew cabins and kitchens) as above, lower decks may not rock as much as the higher decks.

Therefore, passengers who suffer from seasickness may be better suited to choosing a deck from the lower levels.

Heart of the Action

For cruise passengers who want to be at the heart of the action and close to many of the restaurants, bars and special facilities – booking a cabin on an upper deck may be preferable. Upper level cabins may also be ideal for families and first time cruisers who may be daunted by the size of the ship and find it difficult at first to navigate your way around the vessel.

Quantum of the Seas bumper cars

As well as researching the amenities, features and facilities on your deck, it is also recommended you research the decks directly above and below if you are a light sleeper. Although cruise ship cabins are incredibly well insulated from noise and disturbance, cabins directly below a dance hall, bar or gym may be subjected to the sound of heavy footfall or even music.

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Image sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center and Carnival Cruises Media Center. Credit: Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean.


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