Which cruise ships allow smoking?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked here at Cruise1st is “On which cruise ships can I smoke?”

We understand that for smokers, where and when you can light-up is a serious concern when planning a short or long haul cruise, so we thought we’d make a comprehensive guide of all the smoking-onboard information you’ll need.

Can I smoke in my room/cabin?

As the answer to this question is the same for every single Cruise liner we deal with, we’ll answer it straight away. Unfortunately, the answer is no. smoking is prohibited inside all staterooms and cabins all all cruise ships, so please refrain from doing so.

You’ll be fined a clean-up fee of at least $250 if you do, and believe us it’s easy for a housekeeper to tell if someone has been smoking in their room or not.

How about on the balcony?


On most cruise lines, yes, if standing on your private cabin balcony then smoking is permitted. However, this isn’t the case with all liners so please check the list below to see any exceptions to the rule.

However, when smoking on balconies it’s absolutely forbidden to throw cigarette butts overboard. Not only because it’s terrible for the environment, but also because butts are occasionally blown back onboard, which creates a serious fire hazard. So please don’t!

Individual cruise liner regulations:

On Azamara Club Cruises: you’ll be allowed to smoke in the special smoking area at the starboard section by the ship’s pool deck. That’s pretty much the only place you’ll be allowed to smoke onboard, as it is prohibited everywhere else, including all restaurants, halls, suites and other public areas.

On Carnival Cruise Lines: you won’t be allowed to smoke in any of the staterooms and that includes their balconies. Most restaurants are also Non-smoking but you will be able to enjoy cigarettes or cigars on the exterior deck areas, in the dance clubs and within dedicated areas of the ship’s casino.

On Celebrity Cruises: smoking in all cabins and balconies is forbidden. The only place you’ll be able to light-up is on the designated outdoor areas. Once inside the ship there are strict rules to ensure nobody smokes.

On Cunard Line: you’ll be able to smoke cigars and pipe tobacco in Churchill’s Lounge but that’s about it. You won’t be able to smoke in any of the bars or restaurants, but you will be permitted to on your private balcony or on open decks and the upper level of G32 on the Queen Mary 2.

On MSC Cruises: you’ll be pleased to know you can smoke in the designated areas of several bars and on some of the outdoor pool deck areas. Lighting up cigarettes or cigars in any other public location, including food areas, corridors, elevator foyers or public toilets is strictly forbidden. MSC is another liner who don’t allow smoking on private cabin balconies.

On Holland America Line: most of the indoor areas are completely non-smoking. However, they don’t mind if guests smoke on verandas, balconies or the special designated outdoor decks. Casino players are welcome to light-up, and some bars also have clearly marked smoking areas.

On Norwegian Cruise Line: they allow guests to smoke on their private balconies and in designated areas, but only cigarettes. Cigars and pipes are forbidden unless your ship has an enclosed cigar bar (check first). The casino also has a smoking area and there are some open decks where it’s not a problem to spark up.

On P&O Cruises: the only places you’re allowed to smoke are in the designated smoking areas on the outside decks (which are found portside) and on your private balcony.

On Princess Cruises: smokers are fairly well taken care of. There are a number of special smoking areas including cigar lounges, open deck spaces and even in the onboard casino and nightclub. Smoking is forbidden, however, in your rooms and balconies.

On Royal Caribbean International: the smoking regulations vary from ship to ship. But generally speaking, smoking is not allowed in any rooms, private balconies, food areas, corridors, hallways or other public spaces. Some ships have special Cigar Lounges but you’ll need to check which ones before you book.

On Thomson Cruises: the only place you’ll be able to smoke is in the designated smoking area on the open deck. All other areas (except guest balconies) remain non-smoking.

Don’t forget: all this information was correct at the time of writing. Ship rules are regularly being updated so please check with your individual cruise liner before setting off.



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