12 Hours in Perth: What to See and Do


Sprouting forth from the inhospitable deserts of Western Australia and stretching to the lurid coast of the Indian Ocean; Perth is one of our country’s most beloved metropolises and one whose geographical location has made it one of the most successful cities this side of the equator.

First founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, Perth has since grown to become the fourth largest city in Oz — belying its relatively young age. Like Melbourne, Perth owes its rapid growth to the Gold Rush, which brought great wealth and prosperity to the city throughout the 19th century. Now, as the only major city on the West Coast, Perth has flourished as a major port and tourist destination and welcomes some of the world’s biggest ocean liners to its expansive port, Fremantle.

For those who have never had the pleasure of a visit to this vibrant city, here we present a whistle-stop guide on what to see and do in Perth.


Swan Valley

Swan Valley in Perth, Australia

Greater Perth and its surrounding pockets of the lush countryside are renowned for producing some of Australia’s best-loved wines, and none more so than Swan Valley. Lying just beyond the city limits, this sun-kissed vale is home to several independent vineyards and wineries, so there’s ample opportunity to sample a glass of the region’s best plonk.

 Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Kings Park in Perth, Australia

Looking for a quiet stroll after the hubbub of your cruise ship? Make straight for Kings Park. Located to the west of the city’s central business district, this majestic parkland stretches for 4km and contains all manner of exotic flora. The park’s expansive lawns provide the ultimate picnicking spot, and the backdrop isn’t too shabby either.

 Fraser Avenue Lookout

Fraser Avenue in Perth, Australia

For the very best view of Perth, though, you’ll need to head to the Fraser Avenue Lookout. Attached to the aforementioned park, this raised area is a popular spot for amateur photographers looking to snap a scenic shot of the city as it expands for miles and miles before them. Trust us — family back home will be green-eyed with envy when showing them photographers of this view.


Explore the History of the Gold Rush at The Perth Mint

 As one of the oldest remaining mints in Australia, The Perth Mint is the perfect place to visit if you’re interested in finding out more about the country’s gold rush history. First established in 1899, this bullion mint was one of the first places in Australia to refine gold, and examples of unrefined gold nuggets can be purchased as a unique souvenir.

 Cuddle a Critter at Perth Zoo

Giraffe Perth Zoo, Australia

Of all the zoos in Oz, Perth’s is among the best. Housing all manner of exotic and indigenous wildlife, Perth Zoo lets visitors get up close and personal to some of the world’s best-loved animals — from koala bears to black rhinos. Recently, the zoo launched its Zoorassic Park, allowing guests to step back in time to the land of the dinosaurs.

 Enjoy Hands-on Learning at Scitech

 If you’re travelling with young children, you’ll need to find something exciting to do during your visit to Perth — and it doesn’t get much better than Scitech. This state-of-the-art visitor attraction contains all manner of hands-on exhibits and activities, providing plenty of stimulation for little kids, and big kids too.


Sushi Food Perth, Australia

Galileo Restaurant

 Italian restaurants are a staple favourite the world over, and Perth has lots of them. Our favourite is the Galileo Restaurant, whose authentic cuisine and faithful décor offer a true taste of la dolce vita on the West Coast of Australia. Choose from classic pasta dishes such as Gnocchi Al Pesto, or go big with Vitello in Squazet del Fruili — beef short ribs with porcini mushrooms.

 Nobu Japanese Restaurant

 During the 19th century, Perth experienced an influx of immigrants as a result of its economic prosperity, many of whom travelled from the Orient. This provided Perth with a vibrant culinary palate and dozens of Asian restaurants. If you’re keen on Asian cuisine, head to the Nobu Japanese Restaurant, whose sushi and noddle dishes ought not to be missed.

 The Tuck Shop Café

 If brunch is on the menu, why not visit The Tuck Shop Café — a charming street café in the city’s upmarket Northbridge neighbourhood. With a dozen or so outdoor tables, this is the perfect place to sit, unwind and soak up the Western sunshine over a bowl of delicious, locally-sourced fare.

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