72 Hours in Las Vegas


The glory, the glitter, the hot, hot heat. It’s Las Vegas baby! But if you don’t want (too much) dancing and debauchery, what else is there to do? Surprisingly, quite a lot. We’ve done all the hard work and given you a roundup of the best things to do and eat during a stopover in Las Vegas. Whether you want excitement, education, or simply to eat everything in sight, we’ve got you covered.

What to Do


mob museum las vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, your first thought probably isn’t about what amazing museums you are going to visit. But maybe they should be! Las Vegas actually has several quirky, and really fun, museums you can explore. One popular museum is The National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement (colloquially the Mob Museum), which gives you a glimpse into the endlessly fascinating world of organised crime.

The Neon Museum is another great place to visit; kitschy and achingly cool, you can wander through the artfully laid out collection like a garden of neon flowers. Tours are regularly scheduled, allowing you to explore the neon heritage of the glittering Las Vegas. Another hidden gem is the Pinball Hall of Fame, which lets you play on over 200 working historic games.


slotzilla las vegas

For the adrenaline junkies among us who don’t get their kicks at the casino table, Las Vegas has a surprising amount to offer. The SlotZilla Zip Line, an ‘only in Vegas’ $11 million giant zip wire, is something that must be tried by any thrill-seekers visiting Las Vegas. Designed to look like a giant slot machine, the 120-foot take-off platform shoots outriders at 35MPH using a propulsion launch system. It has two zip wires, one that you ride in the classic position and one which you ride laying down like Superman.

Famous Vehicles

famous vehicles las vegas

Even if you aren’t a car fanatic, the Imperial Palace Auto Collections are worth a visit. The collections consist of 750 rare and speciality cars, 200 of which are put on display in rotation. All of the cars are for sale, including Hitler’s 1936 Mercedes, JFK’s 1962 Lincoln, and vehicles that once belonged to Al Capone, WC Fields and Howard Hughes. The room that stores the fleet of Duesenbergs has the additional attraction of being where former casino owner Ralph Engelstad held his infamous Hitler birthday parties.

Drive Fast Cars

If you’re a bit of speed freak and you’ve always fancied tearing around a racing track at the top of a sports car’s speedometer, then a trip to the motorsports park should be on your vacation list. They offer five or ten-lap driving experiences with a race instructor on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which does not have a legal speed limit. You can pose in a Lamborghini like all your favourite music stars, cruise in an Aston Martin, James Bond style, and even try out rarer vehicles like the Nissan GTR.

Play in the Sandbox

Whether you’ve always been a big kid, or you simply can’t resist the chance to act like one in Vegas, a trip to Dig This is bound to leave you feeling like you’ve had your fill of fun. This adults’ playground lets you drive full-sized bulldozers and excavators, digging, moving earth, and stacking tires. It’s still playing in the Sandbox, but no imagination is required.

Where to Eat

Wynn Kobe Beef Tastings

kobe beef tasting las vegas

Although some retailers claim otherwise, there is actually very little true Kobe beef on the menus of America. Restaurants authorised to serve real Kobe beef are licenced by the Kobe Beef Producers council, as signalled by the official golden cow statuette. Wynn is one of these places, also serving other premium Japanese wagyu and finest quality beef from around the world. Steak lovers will be delighted with their amazing tasting plates, which allow you to sample different varieties of premium beef to compare their flavours.


If you always want breakfast food, no matter what time of day it is, then Eggslut is the place for you. Serving nothing but breakfast sandwiches, it really is a testament to the old adage, do one thing and do it well. A must-sample is the Slut that gives the restaurant its name, a runny coddled egg on top of a smooth potato puree, topped with grey salt, chives and served with a crusty baguette for dipping. Yum!

Chubby Cattle

Chubby Cattle is an exciting take on both conveyor belt dining and traditional Chinese hot pot meals. You first choose your broth flavour, then mix your dipping sauces, and choose which ingredients you want to boil in your pot. Vegetables, noodles, meats, and fish can be chosen, along with specialities such as handmade cuttlefish balls and quails eggs. Lifting a window allows you to choose extra ingredients, with each colour-coded to indicate the price.

If this guide has got you excited for a trip to this famous, unmissable city, why not plan a cruise that will take you there? If you want to see the manmade glitter and the breathtaking nature of America in one trip, join us for a wonderful journey visiting Vegas as well as Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and much more.



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