All You Need to Know About Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia is made up of 11 different countries with a thrilling diversity of climate, culture and religion. Whether you want idyllic paradise beaches, vibrant jungles, breath-taking historical buildings, or simply the most magnificent noodles you’ve ever eaten, Southeast Asia has it all and more.

When thinking about Southeast Asia, many people will picture the azure oceans and white sands of Bali and Bocaray, or the lush, damp jungles of Borneo, but the region is also home to some of the most rapidly expanding cities in the world. In areas such as Manila and Kuala Lumpur, futuristic skyscrapers jostle with crumbling ancient settlements for the most celebrated position on the skyline. Southeast Asia truly has something for everyone, from the intrepid explorer to the beach bunny, the country bumpkin to the city slicker.

One of the best ways to experience all the variety that Southeast Asia has to offer is by taking a cruise around the region, stopping off at different ports for a delicious taster of all that is on offer. Travelling in the luxurious environment of a cruise ship makes your trip to Southeast Asia a relaxing one, with plenty to see, do and eat between ports. Why not browse some of our exciting guides to just a few of the amazing experiences waiting for you on your holiday of a lifetime – a cruise to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Destination Guides

south east asia destination guides

Kuala Lumpur is a rapidly changing city, which fuses modern skyscrapers and a bustling china town with the enchanting spirituality of the Batu Caves. Remnants of the British colonial influence on architecture remain, nestling among modern high rises.

Ho Chi Minh is an interesting city, a Vietnamese metropolis, with strong reminders of France’s influence in the area waiting to greet you around every street corner. From beautiful European architecture, to amazing historical sites left over from the war, Ho Chi Minh is not a city to be missed.

The bustling capital of the Philippines may not be the first place you think to visit when travelling to Southeast Asia, but those who do are rewarded with a unique taste of Southeast Asian life. Splendid markets and traditional food sit alongside the glittering high rises and rushing crowds of a thoroughly modern city.

When you imagine paradise, you probably envision the long white beaches, crystal waters, and lush greenery of Boracay Island. With something for everyone, this idyllic island is not to be missed.

When it comes to Southeast Asia, Kota Kinabalu has it all. At its centre, a thriving modern city, Kota Kinabalu’s surrounding area offers endless opportunity for exploration, from Chinese temples and stunning wildlife, to snorkelling and mountaineering.

Bali is more than just a sunny beach destination, with its enticing culture and friendly locals. The island offers a variety of delightful experiences, including spiritual temple ceremonies, mesmerizing traditional music and dance, and spectacular mountains and rice fields.

Hanoi is a city rich in history, from the ravages of war, to a government that kept the outside world at bay right until the end of the 20th century. Experience the layered remains of French and Chinese occupation around the city, the authentic delights of the Old Quarter, and the amazing food and developing art scene of a newly blossoming city.

Thailand’s largest island offers all of the sun, sand, and idyllic scenery that you would expect from this region. Spanning just 222 square miles, Phuket boasts thirty exquisite white beaches, each more spectacular than the next. With history, food and fabulous shopping, this little island has a lot to offer.

Thailand’s capital is the biggest and most fascinating of all its spectacular towns and cities. Although it has a growing reputation for being an exciting party town, Bangkok has so much more to offer in the form of culture, heritage and an authentic taste of Thai life.

20 Foods You Must Try in Southeast Asia 

south east asia food

One of the most wonderful things about travelling to Southeast Asia is the abundance of authentic food on offer across the region. From noodles and pho soups recognisable from restaurants at home, to spectacular local delicacies you could never have dreamed of, here are 20 foods that you simply must try.

Southeast Asia Souvenir Guide

south east asia souvenir guide

Whether you are looking for small gifts for loved ones back home, or lifetime mementos of your time in Asia, the spectacular craftsmanship and local produce of the region has got you covered. We have rounded up the best that Southeast Asia has to offer, follow the map and seek out hidden treasures.

Top Packing tips for Southeast Asia

packing guided south east asia

If it’s your first time travelling to Southeast Asia, it can be difficult to know what to pack to ensure that you’re equipped for every eventuality. Read our packing tips to make sure you don’t find yourself caught short a long way from home.

Top Tips for Cruising Southeast Asia with Young Children

children southeast asia

Some may be tentative about travelling to Southeast Asia with yo
ung children, but our guide shows that with a little planning, it’s possible to share this amazing trip with your little ones. Immerse them in Southeast Asia’s vibrant culture and create memories that will last a lifetime.

50 Unmissable Sights in Southeast Asia

sights of southeast asia

If you have never travelled to Asia before, it is unlikely that you will have ever seen such evocative landscapes, authentic cities and paradise beaches. We have rounded up 50 sights that are simply unmissable in a region with something breathtaking around every corner.

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