Which Hawaiian Island is Right for You?


Decisions, decisions. If you’re having trouble deciding which of the six major Hawaiian Islands is right for you, the good news is they’re all amazing – just for different reasons. It just depends on what you like to do and how you like to spend your time on holiday. Rest assured, the islands of Hawaii have something for everyone. If it’s a relaxing retreat you’re after or something to put you at the heart of something entirely different, you’re in luck.

While a warm welcome, sun-kissed beaches and plenty of excellent food are a given wherever you choose to go, there’s a unique character and charm to each island that’s instantly apparent. Kauai, for example, is gilded by a resplendent natural beauty, while Maui’s many beaches are considered some of the finest swathes of sand in the world. Each island is distinct in its own enticing little way.

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If you have a taste for local cuisines and multicultural ambience, O’ahu could well be the island for you. Perhaps experiencing new cultures is what you look for, in which case, Moloka’i is abundant with indigenous heritage and history.

Diverse and varied, even their nicknames indicate the differing natures of these picturesque islands; O’ahu is known as The Gathering Place, Moloka’i is The Friendly Isle, while Ni’ihau’s Forbidden Isle moniker perhaps illustrates something a little more mysterious.

A many-splendored part of the world, Hawaii is verdant with variation. If you’re having trouble reaching a decision over which island best suits you, why not give our Which Hawaiian Island is Right for You quiz a go to help with your choice? We’ll touch on how you like to let your hair down in the evening, what you do after you’re unpacked, and, perhaps most importantly, would you eat spam musubi – a popular snack beloved by locals in this neck of the woods?

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As fascinating as it is invigorating, paradise awaits around every corner here. Why not begin your next journey by heading to our dedicated Hawaiian cruise page here, or giving our friendly customer care team a call on 1300 741 985.


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