Family Cruising


Trying to find that perfect place for a holiday to suit all the family can be difficult – until you realise that a cruise is an option. Cruise holidays are no longer the exclusive of the elderly or the affluent and neither are they just for adults.

On board a cruise ship you have security, freedom, someone who speaks your language even if you are in foreign waters, entertainment, activities, other families with the same outlook as you and food and drinks you can trust. Anything you need can be obtained on request without you having to search for a chemist, stationers other retail store or service. A cruise ship is like a kingdom with its own amenities and facilities to ensure your requirements are met as if by magic.

Travel Without Travelling

Once you have your family on board the whole family can relax. There’s no need to worry about voices from the back seat chirping ‘Are we there yet?’ or planning routes through countryside where you are unfamiliar with the currency, customs or where to fill up on gas.

Sailing the seas the holiday can be as invigorating as an outdoor seaside holiday with all the benefits of fresh air and exercise. Organised and independent activities will add variety to the daytime routine and suit the age groups of your teens and young children equally. Ten-pin bowling, ice skating, roller skating, theme parks, shows and entertainment to suit everyone from cinema to live acts will leave you breathless.

Take your camera and capture the scenery of exotic coastlines and ports of call where new cultures, tastes and languages wait to tease your wanderlust and give you an experience you’ll want to repeat. Return to the ship and relax knowing there is something for everyone to do and the safety of a professional outfit taking care of your every need.


Taking into account meals, drinks, snacks, entertainment, travel costs and the extras we always purchase to cover keeping the kids amused when the weather is poor, a family holiday can become a major investment. Add on ticket prices to ‘must see’ places and how much you could spend on rides in theme parks, movies or hiring equipment and you’ll want to make sure that the money spent will guarantee smiles, relaxation, refreshment and re-energisation while making sure the children, as well as mum and dad, have a good time.

On board a cruise trip every box will be ticked and you can tailor your package to suit your needs – keep the kids busy while mum and dad stretch out and unwind, or join in with the action and share the fun. You never know, something like a zipline or a Flowrider© could bring out the daredevil in you. The photos will be fun to look at when you see your face. The choice is yours and knowing you have had a return for your money without any waste has to be satisfying.

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