10 Cruise Posters You Will Love


While today’s cruise line advertising is all about glitzy photographs and virtual 360 degree tours, things weren’t always so flashy. To give you a glimpse into the golden age of cruising, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite cruise posters, as well as a few contemporary prints thrown in for good measure!

1. Cunard Europe To America

Circa 1920s, this art deco masterpiece depicts the Aquitania on her famous transatlantic crossing.

Cunard Europe To America 

 2. Holland America Line – Sail A Happy Ship

Colourful and quirky, this Holland America poster embodies the spirit of cruising in the swinging sixties.

3.	Holland America Line – Sail A Happy Ship

3. Norwegian Caribbean Line

Before it became Norwegian Cruise Line, the company sailed under the name of Norwegian Caribbean. This clever 1980s creation combines the scenic fjords of Norway with the palm tree fringed beaches the Caribbean.

Norwegian Caribbean Line 

4. Disney Cruise Line

With a floating castle and a glimpse of Mickey Mouse’s famous hat, this Disney Cruise Line poster is suitably magical!

Disney Cruise Line

5. Cunard Queen Mary

This 1930s poster from Cunard really captures the grandeur and elegance of sailing on-board the magnificent Queen Mary.

 Cunard Queen Mary

 6. P&O Cruises

P&O prides itself on impeccable on-board service – a sentiment that is quite clearly echoed in this 1950s advertisement!

P&O Cruises

 7. Carnival Cruises

Carnival’s clever art team made the most of the ‘keep calm’ fad and used it to advertise its fantastic tropical getaways!

Carnival Cruises

8. Orient Line Third Class

Before it was known as P&O, the world’s favourite cruise company owned Royal Mail steamers operating under the name of Orient Line.  This poster advertising third class tickets offers a fascinating look at how the cruise industry has evolved since the 1930s.

Orient Line Third Class

9. Cunard Line Cross Section

When you look at a fantastic drawing such as this, it seems a shame that the cruise industry no longer uses such artistic forms of advertising. This cross section offers features incredible detail into the deck plan of RMS Lusitania, a 44,000 ton liner launched in 1906.

Cunard Line Cross Section

10. Go Cruising with P&O

Released in 1970, this retro P&O poster was one of the first to feature a photograph instead of the traditional hand drawn artwork. Very avant-garde!

Go Cruising With P&O

Have we missed one of your favourite cruise posters? Please let us know if the comments section.

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