Stunning Arctic Cruise Sights You Must See!


While cruises are traditionally associated with sun, sand and glittering seas, Arctic expeditions offer a whole new calibre of cruising that make for a truly unforgettable holiday. Read on for our top five incredible Arctic cruising experiences that should not be missed!

1) Bergen

For those that love wondrous natural scenery, Bergen is an absolute must-see destination. There is simply no better way to soak up the stunning rugged glacial scenery than from the decks of a luxury liner. As well as unparalleled natural beauty, Bergen also boasts some of Norway’s finest examples of Baroque architecture.

2) Tromso

While the natural splendour of the Arctic cannot be ignored, cruising also calls for a dose of cosmopolitan excitement. Tromso well and truly delivers on the wow factor with its lively nightlife, rich cultural scene, colourful architecture and mouth-watering local cuisine. Here, passengers can experience all the quintessential Arctic delights including reindeer sleigh riding, dog sledding and ice fishing in winter and tranquil canoe trips, scenic bike rides and breath-taking hikes in the warmer summer months.

3) Alesund

Architecture enthusiasts will be captivated with Alesund’s towering turrets, majestic spires and magical Art Nouveau style. This fairytale town is one of Norway’s gems and is also conveniently close to Geirangerfjord, one of the country’s most spectacular peaks.

4) Honningsvag

As Europe’s northernmost town, Honningsvag lies deep in the heart of the land of the Midnight Sun. Yet despite its remote location, this popular town plays host to over 1000 cruise ships each summer season. Don’t forget to look out for wild reindeer grazing on the outskirts of the settlement!

5) Svalbard

Europe’s last great wilderness. Located in the Arctic Ocean between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard’s archipelago of islands is a haven for wildlife. There is no shortage of raw beauty from postcard-perfect mountainscapes and glaciers to the sheer vastness of ice fields. An absolute must for all polar enthusiasts.

6) Wildlife

An Arctic cruise wouldn’t be complete without an encounter with some of nature’s most impressive and intriguing animals. Wilderness lovers will be in heaven with the opportunity to spot whales, caribou, and beautiful snowy white polar bears.

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