Gift Ideas for a Cruise Fan


Finding gifts is never easy. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or Easter, the usual question is what is the ideal gift? At the end of the day the goal is to make the recipient happy with a beautiful and thoughtful gift. A good starting point for the selection of the ideal gift is especially the interests of the person receiving the gift. Whether for nostalgic or creative people – we have a few gifts to make your loved ones glow with joy this season.

It is a special time to shower love and attention on family and friends, a time to give and receive thoughtful gifts. Perhaps you are overwhelmed and wondering what to give to that special person in your life. If the person is a cruise fan, we are in a good position to help you. There are amazing gifts with special cruise themes or touches – perfect for the season. Here’s a list of gift ideas that would make a cruise fan leap for joy and hey If you also love cruises and would like to treat yourself, feel free to cop off some cruise themed items for yourself. It’s a season of love and celebration and you too deserve a treat.

Gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive. At the end of the day; the thoughts and intents are what matters. Individuals differ and we are aware that there are gift items that would appeal to individual personality and that’s why we have made this broad list to make this not so easy task much easier by giving you options to pick from. Here we go!

For Creatives

Creatives love DIYs and enjoy spending time creating different items. Some in this category simply enjoy reading and are inspired by beautiful events around them. Here are our gift ideas for creative cruise fans:

  • Towel Origami book with instructions: Cruise fans know and love the towel animals. Anyone who has ever tried on their own to recreate the cute creatures knows that towel origami is an art in itself. Maybe it does not sound like fun but with the right guide, it becomes so much easier and fun to create animals and objects. The book is perfect for those who want to have the cruise feeling at home in the bathroom, or just want to conjure up origami figures for friends.Gift Ideas for Creatives
  • Cruise/ Maritime Book: There’s something for everyone. You would find a wide range of collection of useful cruise guides or fun stories about cruising.
  • E-Reader: A cruise trip gives one the perfect opportunity to relax and to show off one’s hobbies and if that special person hobby includes reading, an e-reader would be the right gift for them because taking a book (or more) could take up space in a travel bag.
  • Piggy Bank: Saving money should never be a pity, simultaneously, saving in a piggy bank framed as a beautiful ship can come across as fanciful! This also makes for a great decoration element in the home. This dual purpose makes the ship shaped piggy bank a nice to have.

For organizational talents

Plan, order and security are three anchor points in everyday life of organizational talents. They do not like to be thrown off-guard. You can totally trust that they have everything well planned and in control. Here are our gift ideas for organizational talents:

  • Travel Diary: Give them a travel diary if keeping track or reminiscing over events that happened during their holiday travels is a thing for them. In a travel diary, they can record theirGift Ideas for Organisational Talents experiences onboard a cruise or take notes of countries they visited, the weather conditions and their mood all through the trip. A travel diary is a great  treasure as events and stories recorded therein can become of sentimental  value many years later for  children or friends of the cruise fan.
  • Maritime Passport Cover: A globetrotter would be pleased to protect his passport in a cool, protected cover. A passport cover protects passports, tickets and documents from damage. They come in individual design options.
  • Travel Organizer: Many think of this as a hanger in the bathroom, but a travel organizer is very useful for travel purposes as it provides plenty of storage space for important travel documents, jewelry and other valuables.
  • Jewelry Storage: There are now different types of storage containers, disguised as a conventional product (e.g. as a sunscreen) to keep valuables protected, even at a pool.

For Nostalgic

These items are perfect for people looking to recollect the fun of their holidays – such persons do not want to get out of the feeling or simply want to re

Gift Ideas for Nostalgic

create the experiences they had while on a cruise.

  • Scratch Card World Map: Globetrotters would find this useful for keeping track of countries they have visited. All they need is simply grab a coin and scratch off the country they have visited to reveal the country. The scratch map come in different versions- some reveal countries, cities or even flags. It is a great visual representation of a traveller’s footprints and it is perfect for globetrotters.
  • Tour: Cruise fans would appreciate a tour to the harbour to again reminisce their time on a cruise. Seeing the ship floating on the water and feeling the vibes from the sea can be a beautiful way of reconnecting with their favourite cruise.
  • Cookbook: This would be great for people who enjoy recreating special recipes and have longed to savour the rare and special meal they had at a port during their cruise. Some cruise lines have compiled a list of cuisine recipes indigenous to frequently visited ports. Food loving cruise fans would have fun making some of the dishes they enjoyed while on a cruise holiday.

For Interior Design Enthusiasts

You know a cruise fan who loves cozy, personalized effects in their home? Easy Peasy! Show them love and bring the feel right into their homes by giving them items with cruise detailing. These home designs also add tasteful decors giving any home a sophisticated look. Interior enthusiasts would fancy reflecting their personality in their home styling and creating an ambiance that reminds them of famous cruise ships or their favourite cruises.

  • Captain’s hat: Being a captain is a rather prestigious job many envy. Having a captain’s hat as part of the home décor is perceived as stylish and very sophisticated. A captain’s hat Gift Ideas for Interior Design Enthusiastswould also be an interesting touch for a bachelorette night.  It could also be a good way to pretend to be a Captain Barbossa for a day – that is if the one do not mind being captain Barbossa without a ship. But this could be combined with the 3D cruise ship to make the experience complete.
  • 3D Cruise Ship: Thrill your loved one with a 3d cruise ship or even a cruise ship puzzle. They can decorate their living room or bed room with this.
  • Photo Frames: This might seem minute but give a photo frame to a cruise fan to embellish their house with photos from their cruise holidays. This sure helps them relive their experiences and also show off to their guests. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors.

For Collectors

Cruise fans typically like to hold on to pieces that reminds them of cruises or some of their special moments while on cruises. A collector would appreciate minute cruise detailing on some of their daily used items. In addition to numerous travel designs, a cruise ship and ship accessories are also part of the assortment. As the word suggest, collectors simply love to collect so it does not matter that you feel the gift is relevant, collectors would thank you for the intrinsic value of the gift. Collectors’ items can include ship postcards, framed prints of ships, menu on old cruise ships, tribute pens, saucers and wine glasses, passenger lists, ship brochures etc.

  • Jewelries: Let them show off their cruise flare on daily used items like a key chain, charm pendants or bracelets, cuff links, earrings, the list goes on. What is that item they enjoy using everyday or are fond of? Trust you can find it in a ship designed theme.Gift Ideas for Collectors
  • Cruise themed mug: It could be a mug designed with cruise accessories or flags of countries they have visited or would love to visit. They not only get the chance to savour their favourite coffee, hot chocolate or tea, they also get to reminisce about their exciting trips. The themed inscriptions can range from funny to nostalgic and even emotional.
  • Cruise-themed Glassware: Let them know you notice the little details about them. You have varieties to choose from. There is glassware designed to replicate elements from the ship or simply designed with pictures from a ship. Our favourite is the ship in a bottle gift, it’s thoughtful and can bring back all the emotions they felt on their first cruise. They come in different designs and shapes.

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