8 Perfect Ways to Spend a Sea Day


Okay, you have 24 hours on the open ocean aboard a state-of-the-art cruise ship – what do you do? Lounge by the pool? Eat your way through the all-inclusive buffet? Enjoy a cocktail or three in your favourite bar?

If you’re worried about what to do during a day spent cruising the waves, we’re here to help with 8 of our favourite ways to spend a sea day.

Spa Visit


Whether you fancy a back massage, facemask, foot rub or all of the above, a sea day presents the perfect opportunity to visit the onboard spa for some much needed R&R. The majority of cruise ships feature comprehensive spa facilities – perfect for a spot of me-time.

Enjoy a Lie In

MSC Room Service

If your ship’s due a sea day, switch off that alarm, skip the breakfast buffet and savour a blissful lie-in – at least for one day. For those fretting about the possibility of missing breakfast, brunch is served around 11 am and there’s ample coffee for all.

Gorge at the Buffet

Royal Caribbean Buffet

With nowhere to be and all-inclusive buffet available throughout the day, a sea day is a perfect time to say to hell with the diet and dig right on in. Sure, after two or more courses you might feel a tad full, but you can spend the rest of the afternoon lounging in the sunshine – bliss.

Cruise Bar Crawl

Bionic Bar Royal Caribbean

If you have a penchant for a pint or fancy a large glass of red, you’ll be spoilt for choice on a cruise. Most ships are chock-a-block with places to wet your whistle, and a sea day’s the perfect time to visit all of them in one fell swoop. Just don’t go overboard – get it?

Explore the Entire Ship

Anthem of the Seas Deck

OK, you know the way to the pool and the restaurant – but what about the rest of the ship? If you’re not yet familiar with the interior of your floating hotel, take some time out of your sea day to explore any areas you’ve yet to explore. Who knows what you might find?

Spend Time On Your Balcony

Royal Caribbean Balcony

If you’ve forked out on a fancy stateroom with a stunning sea view balcony – be sure to take the time to enjoy it. When sea day arrives, rise late, order coffee to your cabin, and enjoy it from the comfort of your balcony with the salty sea breeze whipping at your hair. Can you think of a better way to start the day?

Catch Up On Some Sleep

Royal Caribbean Bedroom

It might sound silly, but cruising – hell, holidaying in general – is a pretty tiring business. From tiring day trips to late nights drinking cocktails in the casino, there’s a lot to tire you out on a cruise break. So, when a sea day comes around, don’t be afraid to enjoy a rejuvenating afternoon nap.

Go Shopping

Royal Caribbean Shopping

Like to splash the cash? A sea day is a perfect time to do just that. From souvenirs to designer clobber, there’s a lot to spend your money on during a cruise.

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