8 Reasons You Should Consider a Cruise for Your Honeymoon


Wedding season is upon us, and across the country hundreds of anxious couples will be putting the final touches to their impending big day. Whilst the well organised among you will doubtless have all aspects of your wedding day in check, some brides and grooms to be may have neglected the to-do list until this late stage — the honeymoon for example.

If you’re yet to book the post-“I do” honeymoon, we’re here to impart some words of wisdom on why a cruise break would make the perfect romantic retreat for you and your other half.

Dreamy Destinations

New Zealand

Can’t decide where to travel on your honeymoon? Book a cruise break, and you’ll be ferried to a range of exotic destinations, each as dreamy and heavenly as the next. Choose to cruise direct from Australia, and you’ll reach the paradise islands of the Pacific or the evocative landscapes of New Zealand in a matter of hours. Alternatively, opt for a Fly Cruise honeymoon, and the world really is your oyster — whether you fancy exploring the romantic cities of Europe or the white sand beaches of the Caribbean.

Romantic Cabin Options

Contemporary cruise lines feature a variety of different cabin classes, each varying in terms of style, lavishness and romantic appeal. Depending on the line you choose, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose a favourite from those available. We’d recommend booking a balcony stateroom with far-reaching sea views for the perfect combination of amorous cosiness and practical living space.

Honeymoon Perks

Honey moon service

During your brief period as honeymooners, you’re entitled to various privileges (both paid-for and complimentary) not available to the happily married or diligently single. Drop in the fact you’re booking a honeymoon cruise to your travel agent, and they’ll do their best to arrange some free embarkation perks for you — think champagne, chocolate and flowers. Alternatively, most cruise lines offer paid-for honeymoon perks – perfect for those wishing to surprise their new husband or wife.

Always a Table for Two

Given that most cruise ships feature a resort’s worth of restaurants, bars and eateries, you’ll rarely be turned away from the restaurant of your choosing. On the contrary, cruise ships offer an innumerable number of tables for two — giving you complete peace of mind when planning your first night out as newlyweds. That said, we’d still recommend you book a table in certain restaurants early to avoid disappointment.

Luxurious Activities

couple wine tasting in a cruise

From spa treatments and massages, to wine-tasting and cookery classes; cruise ships offer a huge array of sophisticated, adults-only activities to keep even the most discerning honeymooner happy.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Appeal

Tell your friends and family you’re heading on a honeymoon cruise, and they’ll go green with envy faster than you can say, “I do”. A cruise holds timeless, bucket list appeal for many travellers — making it the perfect choice for a truly unforgettable honeymoon holiday.

‘Do Nothing’ Culture

cruise marriage

Hidden beneath the hectic entertainment, activities and excursions roster; cruise ships have a ‘do nothing’ culture, unheard of on the classic dry-land holiday. Spend your days lounging on your balcony or sunning beside the pool, and no one will bat an eye — perfect after the stress and rigmarole of a frantic wedding day.

Classy Themed Nights

If you want to keep the classy and sophisticated ambience of your wedding day alive a little bit longer, don your best cocktail dress or tuxedo and attend one of the many formal themed nights offered by the majority of contemporary cruise lines. Themed nights present the perfect opportunity to get glammed up and let your hair down, and there are loads of different evenings to choose from.

Convinced a cruise could be the perfect match for your honeymoon celebrations? Visit the Cruise1st Australia website, where we feature a vast array of romantic cruise breaks for couples. If you want to discuss your honeymoon cruise plans with us, contact a member of our team on 1300 857 345.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons and Royal Caribbean Press Center. Credit: © Jan ReurinkMohamed Muha, Royal Caribbean.

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