Do Cruise Ships Provide Packed Lunches for Shore Excursions?


While the at-sea experience defines a cruise holiday, one of the other major highlights is signing up for shore excursions. Today’s schedules are more exciting than ever before and offer passengers the chance to pepper their holiday with once in a lifetime experiences. And with all the on-shore action passengers quickly build up a healthy appetite, which leads many cruisers to question what they are going to do about lunch. To help clear up any confusion, we’re put together this guide answering the commonly asked question as well as offers some great tips and advice on filling up while on-shore.

The simple answer

The simple answer to this question is unfortunately no. Logistically speaking it would be incredibly difficult for cruise ships to offer passengers a pre-packed shore excursion lunch service, especially on larger ships. As such, this service is not provided as standard unless otherwise specified.

So what’s for lunch?

What you eat for lunch is widely determined by your shore excursion schedule. Depending on the excursion times will differ quite significantly. Some half-day tours kick off in the morning and finish just in time for passengers to explore the destination and find their own lunch at a café or restaurant. Others commence in the afternoon and guests are expected to have already eaten. If you sign up for an all-day tour you’ll definitely be eating lunch at some point, it’s just a matter of whether or not it is pre-arranged for you! Some shore excursions include lunch, some will direct attendees to a recommended restaurant, and others will allocate free time to head off and find your preferred eats.

Make a special request from the kitchen

If you can’t get enough of your cruise ship’s food why not put in a special request for a packed lunch. Lines affiliated with Cruise 1st aim to blow their passengers away with exceptional service, and while you may have to pay extra for a packed lunch, some kitchens will be happy to oblige. If the answer is no, there is sure to be plenty of tasty alternatives on-shore. For more information, call us today on 1300-857-345.



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